10 beauty trends for summer 2022

Well, 90’s nostalgia is back. From graphic eyes and delicate decals to the sun- kissed copper tones, beauty trends of 2022 are back to the 90’s. As the weather gets warmer, makeup trends also get fresh.
Bold brows, glossy lips and bright blushes will be everywhere.

  1.   coral lips: Orange is one the classic summer colors. From liquid lip sticks to shiny gloss, the shade of orange is everywhere.  Orange shade flatters practically every skin tone. As masks come off around the world, optimistic and bold lip colors are back coral red tones especially. The matte red-coral lip makes the most modern and timeless makeup look
  1.   Soft Smoke: predicts show that this trend comes here to stay. Smokey eyes have always been chic and sexy. Since the 1920’s which was the triumph of Smokey and dark eyes, till today Smokey eyes are always and forever trendy.

  1.       Brash Blush: known as W blush or flush blush trend is one of the hottest trends in 2022 summer trends. This blush trend creates a gentle diffused “W” shape across your cheeks and nose. This method of blush becomes very trendy through TikTok makeup hacks. This trend shows that the Blush is back and better than ever.  Brighter color choices, like bold peach and punchy pink, are on stage right now.
  2.   Get Glossy: This trend is totally 90’s: dark brown lip liner with a clear lip glass. Nude and juicy hydrated glass- looking lips are everywhere. You can match a high shine lip glass with a matte eyeshadow look and that is the major trend of this year with these two pieces of COSMETICS.
  3.   fluffy brows: bold and fluffy brows are still here from 2021. Besides, brow lamentation continues as a trend. Dark fluffy brows show a person looking younger.
  4.   Under eye eyeshadow:  this trend is just getting started, according to professional makeup artists. You can take some under eye concealer and then use your prism eyeshadow combination color. Under eye shadow is the latest TikTok trend and is going to be used instead of concealers.
  5.   Statement eyes: The current trend is just for having bright eyes with glitter and bright eye shadow. Metallic pieces are well come to use.
  6.   No makeup- make up : With this trend, people are meant to look gorgeous without wearing any cosmetics. The method is similar to Asian methods of personal health care to be beautiful both inside and out, like K-beauty and Japanese skin care.
    A minimal coverage and glowing complexion are required in this method. This method of makeup can be done easily at home.
  7.   lip liner:  it is a huge comeback for lip liners as it was during the 90’s. Many love this trend because with lip liners you can control the shape of lips as you want to. You can use primer to help the color of your lipsticks stay longer.
  8.  Monochrome theme: monopolizes eyes, chicks, and lips. It is chic and timeless.

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