3 Best Ways to Wear Scrunch Leggings Outside The Gym

Scrunch leggings are the perfect fit for any outfit, whether you’re headed to the gym or out on the town. They are the best option for anyone looking to accentuate their curves. With a high waist and tummy-control fabric, these leggings will keep you looking slim and streamlined whether you’re lifting weights or catching eyes.

However, many women complain that scrunch leggings look silly when worn outside the gym. If you want to wear them outside the gym, go for the loose-fit leggings or tights. Edgy designs on these leggings look stunning. You can also team them up with long tunics or cardigans to cover up your upper body.

Here are more tips to get you inspired:

1. Pair Them With Women’s Activewear

Scrunch leggings offer a wide range of usefulness for women looking to stay active, but they also work well as everyday wear, especially when paired with other women’s activewear such as tanks, sports bras, and hoodies. They can be worn under dresses or shirts and sweaters, too, if you want an extra layer of insulation or protection from the cold.

2. Style Them With a Contrasting Top

Scrunch leggings go great with a loose top. The bagginess of the top, coupled with the tightness of the pants, will give your look an illusion of extra curves. To make sure this style looks good and it won’t make you look like you’re wearing pajamas, try pairing the leggings with a light-colored top, or one that is cropped short at the sleeves or waist.

3. Crop Tops

Find the right crop top to wear with your scrunched leggings. Since they are form-fitting, you don’t want to go with something too loose or flowy, or with something that is too thick, or has marshmallow-like fabric. You want to go with something that will show off your curves and hug your body without being too tight. If you want to go for something ultra-sexy, you can try a crop top that has a low neckline and a thong back.

4. Seamless Sports Bra

You may find that your favorite leggings are missing one essential component, a seamless sports bra. If you want to wear your scrunch leggings outside the gym but don’t want to bare your midriff or breasts, consider purchasing a seamless sports bra to wear underneath the crop top. The seamless design will ensure no uncomfortable chafing or binding under your shirt, and you’ll have more coverage than just wearing a tank top by itself.


Whether you wear them at work, at the gym, or you pair them with a blazer on an evening out with friends, scrunch leggings are an outfit staple for any fashionista. The key is to wear scrunch leggings with confidence and realize that even though these yoga pants have a unique appearance, nothing looks good on a woman more than confidence. Most importantly, wear them for yourself. Letting others dictate how you present yourself will never make you feel comfortable.

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