5 Ways to Design your Riverdale, GA Home that Reflects Your Personality

When you have an excellent sense of design, it makes sense to turn your Riverdale, GA home into a perfect reflection of what you like most. However, it can sometimes be daunting to turn one’s personal style into something that you and your whole family will love to look at every day and which functions well for your household. Fortunately, it’s possible to reate a home that both reflects your personality and is well suited to everyone who lives there.

Start With a Personal Color Palette

A great way to start turning your personality into design is to start choosing your own personal color palette. Quizzes like this one help you find the color palette that fits your personality; you can take more than one quiz to make sure you’ve refined further. This evaluation of colors that matter to you will be the building block for the rest of the home’s design, which helps you start to shop for furnishings and accessories.

Let Most Rooms Aim for Neutral With Pops of Your Favorite Colors

One of the best ways to take your personal colors into the home is to aim for neutrals primarily and then add in accents in your favorite hues. For instance, couches, chairs, and tables could all be natural tans, beiges, and browns, while rugs, throw blankets, and wall hangings could be in your favorite colors. This way, you don’t have to worry about a change in personal style forcing you to find new furniture.

Add Textures to Bring Out Personality Without Clashing

When you know you love a lot of different styles, it’s easy to end up making a room too “busy.” When you’re nervous that this could happen, experiment with just a few colors but with wildly different textures. Bringing a rope texture rug, a furry fuzzy textured blanket, and a smooth, satin-y table runner to the same room would be too much if they were all contrasting colors, but if they are all in colors that go together, you get your variety without clashing.

Choose Wall Art That Works For Your Style

If you want to keep your furniture and other main furnishings timeless, aim to really go wild with wall art as your personality dictates. When you’re going to sell your home, you can easily take down art that you think makes the home to personalized, making staging a breeze.

Rotate Your Decor With Seasons and Holidays

The other fact is that most people’s personalities aren’t so static that you want to look at the exact same things in every room all year. Instead, get some sturdy totes and start collections of decorations that help you glam up your home for the seasons or for holidays in ways that work for your personality. You can quickly pack up everything each season and bring out the next season’s items for a refresh, making sure that your dream home always gets a new look before you could ever get bored of what you had set up last season.

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