A Guide to Picking the Ideal Flower Girl Dress for a Wedding

The flower girl plays a significant part in any wedding. They need to be elegant as they lead the way and throw flowers while walking down the aisle. Whether it is your relative or another girl p[laying the part, they need to look elegant for the occasion. You can make them look stunning and boost their confidence for the task by selecting a suitable dress.

Choosing flower girl dresses can be challenging, especially when you do not know the factors to consider. Probably, you will take the initiative to pick the dress or suit that you and your partner will wear for your wedding. Still, you do not want to leave everything to the wedding planner as it is your special day, and you need to be proactive in the setup. We will give you insights on how to pick the ideal. Here are some factors to consider;

The Wedding’s Theme

The theme for your wedding should determine the attire a flower girl wears. You do not want to have a traditional dress in a modern wedding. When shopping for the attire, you will find options to select from. An ideal store should have customized dresses depending on wedding themes. What you choose for a beach wedding will not be the same as what is suitable for matrimony at the park.

The idea should be consistent, and it goes beyond the dress you select. Ensure the hair and other accessories they will wear match the dress you select.


Wedding dresses are stylish, and they differ depending on the design. Still, some dresses trend for a season, and you can consider them for a flower girl. However, you need to pick a style consistent with the wedding theme. In addition, aesthetics like color should be consistent.


The fabric you select for a flower girl dress needs to be comfortable and aid their movement. It should not crease or tear easily. In addition, consider a soft, flexible fabric and does not irritate the skin. It is advisable to avoid synthetic materials.


The ideal flower girl dress should be below the knee. Long apparel can be risky, making the one wearing fall if they step on them. With older girls, you can have short dresses or long ones. Also, the neckline length is important. Younger girls should have those with high necklines, but older ones can have a lower neckline with a necklace to complete the look.

Consider the Season

The season will influence the dress choice for a flower girl. If it is the summer, you can pick the short-sleeved dress while having open shoes. However, for the cold season, the attire will not be adequate. You do not want the little girl to be uncomfortable throughout the wedding from the cold weather. Sweaters and tights can help cushion the flower girl from the climatic condition while wearing closed shoes. But, they need to blend well with the dress.

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