Check The Top 5 Trends In Engagement Rings!

Buying that perfect engagement ring for your lady love can be a confusing affair. After all, there are endless designs and styles out there, and to top that, there are numerous choices in gemstones, precious stones and metals. If you are shopping around for an engagement ring in Singapore, we have a few trends that you might want to check.

  • Return of rose gold. For a while, the focus remained on yellow gold and platinum, but it’s again about rose and pink gold. The beauty of an engagement ring set in pink gold is undeniable, and there’s a touch of feminine beauty to it. If you don’t want to settle for either standard yellow or white gold, consider this as an option.
  • Love with vintage. A lot of vintage engagement ring designs are making a comeback, and that’s something that you would want to consider to give your special day a more retro twist. A lot of vintage-inspired rings are elaborate and extremely huge in size, so keep the budget in consideration.
  • Fascination for solitaire. A standard solitaire ring never really goes out of style, and many brides are opting for rings with no extra element but a diamond that’s placed in a pronated on a simple gold or diamond band. If you are not in mood to experiment a lot with the engagement ring, this is your ideal pick.

  • Colored stones for that new style. Not sure if you can afford that big diamond? Go for something like sapphire or emerald. Colored stones have always been great choices for engagement rings, especially as a replacement to the central solitaire, and you can actually save considerable money.
  • Stackable rings. If you want more than just one engagement ring, go for a stack. Stacked rings, especially metal bands with diamonds combined with a bigger ring is the new trend, and this doesn’t have to be high on maintenance either. Your girl can pretty much choose to wear any of the two or three rings that she wants.

Now that you know the best trends in engagement rings, go ahead and check online for options. Make sure that you select a jewelry store that is worth relying and would offer a certificate for your purchase. If you are buying diamonds, ask for certification and ensure that they deal in engagement rings on a regular basis. Experimenting with ideas is never a bad idea.

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