Follow the best Options for Curly Hair Styles

Which cut to choose for curly hair? What products should you adopt to redesign and enhance your curls? Generally drier, curly and curly hair requires more hydration to nourish and soften the hair fiber in depth. Side hairstyles, curly hair have the advantage of having a natural volume. Wavy hair benefits from a wavy beach-like effect that many texturizing products try to reproduce.

To style curly hair and tame the material, a hair routine composed of styling products and other anti-frizz spray is essential. And if you dream of straight hair , a hairdryer with a round brush or a straightening iron will help you overcome your mane. Find in our file all the advice and tips to take care and style of curly, curly and wavy hair. You need to follow the curly hair guides in this case.

The Advice Of Harold James, Dark & ​​Lovely Hairdresser-Expert

Whatever the nature of your hair, do not make more than two shampoos per week max. Otherwise you risk stripping the scalp further, removing the sebum already present and reducing the protective hydrolipidic film. Even better, Harold James suggests alternating shampoo and co-wash. For example, wash your hair normally on Monday. Then on Wednesday or Thursday, use a conditioner instead of a shampoo (so called a co-wash). This will refresh the hair and scalp without attacking it with cleansing agents. Be careful not to confuse it with the No-Poo trend of not using shampoo at all.

For Curly Hair

Here, the curls are quite wide, the sebum spreads a little but the hair is dry.

To do: use milk or mask without rinsing with a few drops of oil, to moisturize from time to time lengths.

Don’ts:  do not use a comb with too tight teeth. Say no to too oily textures which will weigh down and make the hair dull. Know how to choose well-dosed oils. Do not cut your hair alone and even less on wet hair, at the risk of having an unpleasant surprise when drying.

The curls of curly hair are in the shape of a corkscrew and the sebum has more difficulty in flowing. This time, the hair is dry, not very shiny and fragile.

To do:  Before shampooing, separate a few strands and apply oil along the lengths.

Do not hesitate to massage the scalp and the lengths to stimulate blood circulation. Leave on for 15 min, or even overnight. Then shampoo. (do not do before a co-wash!)

Do not: shampoo every day.

For Frizzy Hair

The curvature is very tight and Z-shaped, the sebum hardly drains. The hair fiber is therefore porous, dull, very dry and very fragile. Apply an oil on the lengths and a finer oil, specific to the scalp to nourish it. Don’t wet your hair in the morning to style it. Like the skin, the hair will dry out more because the water evaporates. Prefer a leave-in moisturizer to get your hairstyle in shape.

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