How to dress stylishly and comfortably in the summer for a man?

Hot weather is relaxing. On a beautiful summer day, we are filled with good mood and enjoy the comfort. This feeling should be supported by comfortable summer clothes. No outerwear, just men’s camouflage outdoor shorts, T-shirts. Only in the evenings a light jacket and chinos.

How can a man dress in the summer without sacrificing comfort? How to look stylish and presentable in the summer? Which materials are more suitable for summer clothes, and which are not? Let’s look for answers together.

A dilemma arises when it comes to classic clothing in hot weather. Most of the styles of clothing and dress codes come to us from the old world (Kingdom of Great Britain), where it is usually cold and rainy. It is obvious that summer clothes there developed poorly, if at all.

Therefore, it is obvious that a woolen suit or fashionable knitwear in the heat, when the thermometer is +30 Celsius, does not have to be remembered. What should a stylish gentleman wear in the summer?

The main characteristics of summer men’s clothing

Looking good for a man is important, however, when it comes to the hot season, the priority is still in functionality. What to look for when buying and choosing summer clothes:

Lightweight fabrics

What really matters in summer is the thickness and weight of the fabric. The thinner and lighter the men’s graphic t shirts, the more comfortable the feel and the better the air circulation.

Take clothes in your hands and try to estimate their weight. If the item seems pretty easy to you, try putting it on and walking around the store. If you do not sweat and feel discomfort – feel free to buy.

The lighter the fabric, the better it is for summer, you can choose men’s camouflage outdoor shorts.

Breathable fabric

The fabric can be light, but the weave of the threads in it can be very dense and air will not circulate through it. And this, of course, will lead to excessive overheating and sweating (not a very pleasant word, but what to do).

In short: take the thing, bring it to your mouth and try to breathe through it. If you can breathe, then the fabric is fine. The easier it is to breathe through the fabric, the more preferable the fabric is for summer.

Sun protection

Are you thinking about sun protection? Direct sunlight falling on your skin will warm up your entire body. Not to mention skin burns, if the sun is especially active and you are careless.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation, it is enough to wear a light long-sleeved shirt, long pants and a hat in the form of a hat or baseball cap. You can choose sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. But all this is obvious.

The color of all these things is much more important. Use light-colored men’s graphic t shirts to reflect direct sunlight. Simple physics works – black accumulates and absorbs more light than it reflects. In this regard, wear mostly white or light-colored clothes.

In the sun, wear clothing that completely covers your exposed areas. Also, only use light colors.

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