Maxi Dresses: A Flattering Summer Essential

With the arrival of summers, maxi dresses are back in vogue. They make for the ideal summer wear because of being airy, light and comfortable. You can buy casual maxi dresses for women in different colours and patterns to complement your wardrobe. Although considered a summer dress, it can be worn with layers during the winters to stay warm as well.

There are various ways of styling a maxi dress. Depending on your style, you should buy a maxi dress online in India. Pair it with your other clothes and you can wear it during spring, summer, and autumn as well. If you are not sure how to style a maxi dress, here are a few tips:

  1. Pair it with a Leather Jacket 

While wearing a maxi dress, you can consider wearing a leather jacket on top of it to give a more stylish appearance to your look. Choose a dark colour leather jacket for a contrasting effect. To give it a bold appearance, wear a statement necklace or other accessories with it. Do not forget to choose footwear that matches the colour of the jacket.

  1. Wear a Blazer

Want a formal look for your office? You can easily do so by adding a blazer to the attire. Choose a light colour maxi dress and wear a dark colour blazer for a contrasting look. The contrasting mix makes it more appealing. Carry an office bag and an aviator with you to complete your attire.

  1. Beat the Cold with Trench Coat

If you want to wear a maxi dress during autumn or spring, wearing it without extra layers might feel chilly. This is why you should wear a trench coat along with the maxi dress. While wearing a colourful maxi dress, always opt for a solid colour trench coat. Choose a pair of block heels and dashing shades to complete the attire.

  1. You Can Never Go Wrong With the Denim

It is true that denim has a universal appeal and can be worn with almost anything. You can wear maxi dresses with denim wears as well. Whether it is a denim jacket or a denim shirt, you can pair it with your maxi dress for a very chic look. Choose heels over flats to brush up your attire. Depending on your style and preferences, you can either keep it buttoned or unbuttoned.

  1. Wear it With a Pair of Pants 

You can wear a maxi dress with a pair of pants if you want. However, make sure that the colour of the pant is similar to the colour of the maxi dress. Add a few minimalist accessories to the attire as well like a wristwatch, necklace, etc. It will not only appear stylish and sophisticated but will give a very formal look as well.

  1. A Turtleneck for the Chilly Days

A maxi dress is not just a summer dress. It can be worn all year round if you pair it with a few add-ons. For the chilly days, you can wear the maxi dress with a turtleneck to keep yourself warm. A turtleneck easily blends in with a maxi dress. Carry a bag with it and wear a black pair of shoes to complete the attire.

  1. The Cardigan 

If you want to get a little experimental, consider wearing your maxi dress with a light cardigan. Wear a belt with it and put on some sunglasses. If you want, you can add a few more accessories to the outfit for a more personalised style.

  1. Wear an Off-Shoulder Upper-wear 

You can wear an off-shoulder upper-wear like a top or a sweater with your maxi dress. Choose colours and patterns that complement each other and increase the appeal of the overall attire. You can either wear a pair of heels or flats. Do not forget to add a statement necklace to the attire.

With the above tips in mind, you are all set the rock the maxi look and flaunt your stylish version.

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