Top 10 Alternative Advent Calendars for 2021

Everyone loves Christmas. Anybody would hardly deny the joy Christmas brings to all. The fairy lights, decorations, Santa Claus with tons of gifts for children, and sometimes elders look out to these gifts with zeal. The feeling of Christmas being near gives happiness as well as anxiety to many. The curiosity to meet friends and family is at another level.

Furthermore, Christmas brightens the gloomy moods of all people. Many chose to decorate the Christmas tree with zeal and buy new ornaments every year using the Swarovski advent calendar, while some used it last year. Overall, this time of the year is not to be missed by any.

Why do people love Christmas?

There are hardly any reasons why people would not like Christmas. It is the time to be thankful to God for the life he has given. People greet each other and get together to remember the pleasures bestowed upon them and that they are alive and well. This prayer is done during the meal or while exchanging presents.

What are advent calendars?

These calendars are specially designed to use before one month to Christmas. The advent calendars are not usually paper-made; the companies plan them according to the days left for Christmas. Each day has a separate box which is filled with different candies for children. It is to remind everyone about the days left for Christmas. The advent calendars are pretty popular and promptly tell when Santa Claus is coming to town.

Top ten alternative advent calendars for 2021:

The traditional advent calendars are all about chocolate and candies. But now, there are alternatives so you can look at them. These new ideas will surely capture your eye, and once bought, you will try new options every year. Let’s have a look at some of the types of advent calendars available.

  1. Harry potter calendar:

Since the series, Harry Potter has been the favorite of all age groups. One can dress like Harry Potter and open the day’s box and get a wizard gift. It would take you to the wizarding world, and you can collect the beauty treats it offers. It comes with hand and body cream, bath bombs, and so much more.

  1. Candle archive:

This advent calendar is perfect for all ladies. Inside there are scented candles, one for each day with the fragrance of rose and bamboo. Each candle has a 15 hour running time, so one candle is used multiple times on different occasions.

  1. The lush calendar:

Everyone loves pampering. People go to spas and various massage parlors to get the feeling. Here, the Lush provides bath, body, and shower treats all in one lush advent calendar. The classic fragrances and aroma are welcome on chilly winter nights, and the later feeling of being plush and pump will give you a good night’s sleep.

  1. Christmas ball:

Cinderella’s last ball is pretty famous. All girls adorn the dress and the dance and somehow wish to be like her. Similarly, there is a Christmas ball advent calendar available. This set comes in 93 pieces and is fun to play.

  1. Sip it away:

Tea is most sought in the winter season. The warm sip of tea near a fireplace will melt your hearts, and this is what we have done for you. The sipping advent calendar comes with tea bags. One day has two tea bags so you can enjoy the evening and night with someone special.

  1. It’s Christmas:

There is a calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is sculpted to fill the boxes you need for a day’s treat. Also, you can treat your family if you want.

  1. The wine:

The red and white wines are always in demand. You can sip the days with this delicacy and wait for the perfect Christmas day.

  1. Reusable wooden calendar:

Recycle and reuse is the new norm.  High-quality woods create this with built-in LED lights. Great for multipurpose uses each year.

  1. Swarovski advent calendar:

This advent calendar has built-in boxes to hide a piece of jewelry. It can be a ring, earrings, necklaces, and other items made from crystals.

  1. The marvels:

Children love superheroes; that is another reason this advent calendar is famous.  This box comes with Captain America, iron man, and hulk, among other avengers. Marvel fans would not be able to resist this.


Change is how we all learn and move on. The old calendars are changed now, and there is a wide variety of options available for a bit of change in life. Additionally, every year you can surprise your loved ones with new gifts and wait for the big day to come. Christmas is all about being thankful, so be grateful for the available variety, and prefer to buy a Swarovski advent calendar and enjoy the blessed day.

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