Types Of Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is a thick hair cream that gives your hair a fantastic shine compared to other styling creams. Pomade is great for neat, slicked-back styles with a sheen, while the wax is better for textured, matte hairstyles. Pomade has been used since the early 20th century when men used petroleum jelly and lard to style their hair.

Types of Hair-pomade

There are two types of hair pomade, oil-based hair pomade, and water-based pomade and all of them have different effects on your hair.

Oil-based pomade

In case you want a high shine on your hair, then oil-based pomade is the right choice for you. The oil makes it more immune to oxidation which means that the polish will hold out the fight against all components. Since it takes some time to dry, it offers a malleable hold so that you can change your hairstyle anytime you want. The only drawback of this oil-based pomade is that it takes time to wash, so make sure you use a pot of shampoo to get everything out.

Water-based pomade

Water-based pomade has less shine compared to oil-based pomade. With this product, your hair will look natural, and no one will notice the pomade. The reason why your hair looks natural is that the water-based pomade dries faster. Even if the hair dries faster, you will get a stronger hold. The other advantage is that it is simpler to dry it off, and you don’t need a lot of shampoos.

Best pomade for thick hair

When you have thick hair, the best pomade for you is water-based pomade since you need a solid hold to keep your style up the whole day. It would help if you tried out fixing pomade with hydrogenated waxes and oils, and it dampens your hair threads while offering a super strong hold and medium shine. The ingredients found in the fixing pomade give your hair the same brightness as an oil-based pomade.

Best pomade for wavy hair

In case you have locks, and you want them to have a fantastic shine, you should opt got an oil-based pomade. This oil pomade makes sure your hair retains its brilliance and prevents your hair from drying. The best pomade to use is the classic pomade enhanced with avocado oil which safeguards your hair from breakage and environmental damage. It also has coconut oil that helps you moisturise your hair.

If you want to tame your curly hair, remedy wax is the right option. This is a vegan oil produced from natural plant waxes that give a healthy shine and stronghold.


When you want to use a pomade for your hair, make sure you understand the texture of your hair first to know what type of pomade will work best for you. If you want a natural shine or shiny hair, survey your options and choose the one that fits you best. The article will help you understand more about various pomade products that are great for your hair.

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