Why Investing in Timex FIT is Worth Each Penny

Smart watches are gradually becoming a must have gadget that cover the value of both a smartphone and an activity or fitness tracker keeping in mind the health of individuals. A serviceable extension to smart phones, smart watches are like mini computers wrapped around your wrist, offering you all the notifications from your phone such as messages, calls and emails, and at the same time providing you information about your activity throughout the day in terms of the number of steps taken, your sleep pattern etc.

When it comes to watch making, Timex is a world renowned and trusted brand. Timex as a brand believes that it is very important to keep a tab on our health and fitness, especially in the current scenario. Hence, they have curated an innovative and technologically advanced timepiece that not only adds to your style quotient but also helps you achieve your fitness goals.

This model is equipped with unique features that make it a desired possession for many. The smart watch boasts of the telemedicine feature along with other smart characteristics that make smart watches absolutely desirable. This telemedicine feature is built on the ‘One-Touch’ concept and offers easy and quick access to consult and book appointments with your doctor through the Timex FIT app. This has made Timex FIT the most preferred smart watch online in India. Another great feature of the watch is its ability to share your health and wellness information with your family members. It allows remote monitoring of statistics and the device can send across alerts if and when the wearer requires help.

Made of alloy, the Timex FIT smart watch is made of stainless steel and is available in two colour variants, black and rose gold. You can also opt for the silicone strap which is sold as an additional accessory. It has a full touch display of 0.96 inch with a powerful resolution of 160*80 pixels. Although a bit small, the display is attractive and convenient given that it is coloured. The Timex FIT smart watch’s screen supports navigation gestures as well. The horizontal swipe gives you the steps count, calories, distance and heart rate monitor, while the vertical swipe shows notifications, emails, messages etc. The brightness of the display is also a good fit for a smart watch in the given range.

The battery life of this fitness smart watch is almost 6 days. Designed to monitor your body temperature, blood oxygen level and your heart rate, the smart watch comes with a sleep monitor, activity tracker and a sedentary reminder that helps you keep tabs on your vitals and lead a healthy lifestyle. With a full colour touch screen and almost 10 different sport modes to support your smart watch, it also gives you 10 watch faces that can be personalised with your favourite image as well.

All these features combined make the Timex FIT smart watch one of the best in the business. The telemedicine feature is the main attraction that adds a great value to all the other wonderful benefits of a smart watch. Timex FIT has the most nominal and affordable smart watch prices in India. It has an intriguing design and a stainless steel mesh strap that makes the watch worth the price you pay for it.

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