4 Tips on How to Style Thick Hair

Hair is something that people value as it can make a person feel confident and beautiful. However, those with thick hair know how difficult it can be to style.

It’s always hard to find ways how to style thick hair as the natural look seems to work best. However, there are different things you can do to have your locks looking healthy and stylish at the same time.

  1. Find a Hairstylist Who Specializes in Your Hair Type

One of the best ways how to style thick hair is by having it cut and styled by a professional. A good hairstylist will know what length and style work best for your type of hair. With thick, curly locks, you need someone who has experience cutting such types of hair to make it easier for you to work with when styling yourself at home.

To find the right stylist, make sure to look through portfolios and ask for references from people you know. If possible, get a consultation before letting them work on your hair. This way, you can already have an idea of what the result will be like.

Consider the tools they use too. Usually, your hair might need hair thinning scissors to get rid of the bulk and get more layers. Using thinning shears can make your hair look fuller while still maintaining the volume you want.

  1. Style Your Hair When It is Damp

One of the best ways how to style thick hair at home is by using products on damp, towel-dried locks only. Avoid combing or brushing through your hair until it is dry as this can cause serious frizz and damage especially for curly hair types.

If you already made a mistake in drying your hair, you can always put it up into a bun or ponytail and wait for an hour for it to become damp again before taking it down and styling again.

Sometimes to speed up the process, you are tempted to use hair-styling tools, such as blowdryers. But it can be very harsh on thick hair, so it is best to use it only halfway through.

First, towel-dry your locks until they are damp enough. Then comb the strands through with a wide-tooth comb. Now you can dry your hair using a low-heat setting and a nozzle attachment for curling or straightening your mane.

  1. Don’t Make It Too Tight or You Might Get Split Ends

Many people who have hair woes tend to pull their hair back too tightly thinking that hairstyles will look better this way. However, if done incorrectly, tight ponytails and buns could lead to the breaking of the strands, which might result in split ends.

Another great way how to style thick hair is by pulling the locks into a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic band. You can choose whether you want to tease your mane for more volume and texture, which will make it stand out and look attractive and stylish.

You can also diffuse your hair after curling or straightening with wands and rollers. This works well especially for those who want some volume. This style will help lift the locks away from the roots so that they can stand out more and look full and lush.

Lastly, consider using bobby pins instead of ties. These pins will not pull your thick hair and will secure the strands without any damage. You can also use certain types of clips designed to hold thick hair firmly in place without wiggling or falling out.

  1. Finish It Off with a Little Product

After drying your hair fully, use a bit of serum or shine product to work on the strands before styling them in whatever way you would like. This will help smooth out any kinks caused by too much heat from styling tools and prevent frizzing on humid days. But ensure not to use too much product though as this could weigh down your locks making them look limp instead of voluminous.

You can also use heat-protectant sprays to style thick hair as it leaves your locks looking shiny and smooth while protecting them from damage caused by heat styling. Also, using heat-protectant sprays will make your hair polished and sleek looking without having to use too much product, which would give it a greasy look.

Another option is investing in thermal reconditioning as this process uses moisture repair treatment that protects the health of your hair during hot tool usage, which makes it possible to maintain its natural texture while still adding volume.

With a bit of effort and time, you can achieve healthy-looking, voluminous locks that will surely be showstoppers.

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