Best Way to Buy Gold Coins in India

Since ancient times, this precious yellow metal has witnessed the rich heritage of India. Gold has a deep-rooted significance in Indian history, appealing to people from different parts of the world with its beauty and charm. Gold is considered the symbol of wealth and status. Gold coins are a great source of investment that people in India generally buy on auspicious occasions.

In India, you can purchase gold coins from jewelry showrooms, online, banks, or bullion traders. Investment in gold coins assures quality of the metal. Moreover, gold coins in India come with advanced security and anti-counterfeit features; every pack of gold coins has a unique barcode and serial number.

A 24 karat 10 gm gold coin in India will cost a gold rate of 24 karats, making charges and government taxes. Though gold jewelry is a popular form of investment in India, gold coins are a perfect option to purchase for investment or as an ideal gift during special occasions for friends and family.

Let’s explore various sources available in India to buy gold coins:

Gold Jewelers – Usually, gold jewelers, local or prominent brands deal in gold coins. But here, the gold rate is more than bullion trader’s offer. As a result, gold jewelers add a pretty good amount of markup charges to earn profits and save them from fluctuating gold rates. Moreover, when the gold rate rises, jewelers generally increase gold selling rates but do not decrease after the rate goes down.

Bullion Traders – It provides an online retailer and system to sell gold coins to retail customers at reasonable rates with minimal markup charges at a wholesale price in aneasy, simple and convenient manner. As jewelers, they repurchase it and give better buyback rates. Bullion traders buy and sell gold in bulk; thus, they can afford to think on thin margins than banks and jewelers. The retail customers can sell and buy gold at the daily live price displayed on the platform provided by don the live bullion, India.

Banks – These daysgold coins are being offered to their customers by assuring 99.99% purity by the banks. The gold coins from banks can be purchased for investment purposes or gifting. The gold coins are packaged in tamper-proof packets to maintain authenticity and purity.

E-tailersOnline – Nowadays, with online shopping, numerous trusted jewelers like Tanishq have built an official website for customers to purchase gold coins digitally. For example, some trusted jewelers allow a transparent method of buying 24 karats of pure gold to help you start your golden savings. You can begin your savings as low as INR 100. Investing in digital gold is considered a cost-effective and efficient way of investing in pure gold in India.

Types of gold coins 

Tanishq offers a wide range of exclusive gold coins collection with religious emotions devotedin the form of exquisite and incredible designs of Allah, Guru Nanakji, lord Laxmi and lord Ganesh, lord Jagannathand many more as per the customer’s choice. Tanishq is the perfect place to explore the kind of gold coins you require occasionally.

The gold coin is a viable investment in India. Therefore, purchasing gold coins through a renowned jeweler like Tanishq, a Tata Product, would probably encourage you to invest in gold coins providing enchanting designs, shapes and sizes starting from 1 gram to 1000-gram coin weight and offering 100% purity in 22 – 24 karats. Hence, you can purchase gold coins based on your need and budget from anyof the trusted Tanishq outlet or online.

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