5 Things You Should Be Aware About Before You Get Any Piercings

When you get your first piercing, you begin exploring other areas of your ear and around the body too, which makes it complex. Piercing is more of an art and a radical change to your body. In other words, the process of piercing needs to be done with utmost care. So before you get your Cartilage piercing, consider the following things.

  • Do your due diligence

When you research on the same, always use social media. Before scheduling yourself an appointment, get a clear picture of what you would like but be ready to be flexible because your personal dimensions may not be suitable for the piercing you need. When researching, check the body piercing parlor and the reviews. Also stop by for a visit to inspect their cleaning standards and feel free to ask questions. Your piercer should make you feel comfortable and answer all the questions before you book an appointment.

  • Choose the right piercing for you

Piercing is an art to style your body. Consider the metal color and what suits your skin. Then the experts check the anatomy for scars, moles, non-proportional ear or facial features. If you need a certain detail to get an attention, then tell the professional. You may also have to consider the past piercing placements and angles and choose jewelry or pierce to make the past piercing location look deliberate.

  • Think ahead

Piercing can be addictive, so always consider the long game. You have to curate your ear which is more aligned to quality. Jewelry should be layered in such a way that it aligns with your anatomy, personal aesthetics and looks deliberate. Don’t have more than 3 to 4 piercings in one sitting. Consider things like what you mostly sleep on.

  • Know your healing time
  • Lobes (lower and upper) around 2 to 3 months
  • Cartilage (conch, contraconch, helix, forward helix, rook, tash rook, tragus, anti-tragus, and daith) around 6 to 12 months
  • Nostril around 6 to 12 months
  • Septum around 3 to 5 months
  • Nipple around 8 to 12 months
  • Navel around 6 to 9 months
  • Dermal around 2 to 3 months
  • Choose your metal carefully

You can choose a color of gold that aligns with your skin tone and suits you. It should nicely blend in with your complexion. Always choose hypoallergenic metals as they are nickel free or medical grade for minimizing your reaction and accelerate healing times.

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