What is Virgin Hair? What You Need to Know

Are you thinking of investing in virgin hair bundles from companies like Harlem Hair Company? Before you do, it’s best to learn what virgin hair is and what else is there to know about it.

Read on for a quick guide to virgin hair and the hair bundles available for this particular hair type.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair refers to untouched hair, which is the hair we were born with. These are hair strands that never experienced any color treatment or chemical processes. It’s free from any bleaches, color treatments, dyes, highlights, ombre hair, perms, and the like.

If you have ever processed or color-treated your hair, it will never go back to becoming virgin hair again. Even if you dyed your hair once, the virgin hair strands will be lost forever.

Virgin hair is a hairdresser’s dream as it is easier to color hair without dye on it. Plus, virgin hair is strong thanks to its strength, which is because it hasn’t been damaged by chemicals yet. This may be why high-end hair extensions would be made of virgin hair.

What You Should Know About Virgin Hair

There are more things to learn about virgin hair, and here are some of the frequently asked questions to further inform you:

  1. What’s considered as virgin hair?

In terms of extensions, virgin hair shares a similar definition. It refers to hair that hasn’t been chemically processed or color-treated. However, most weaves and extensions do not fall in this category.

  1. Is virgin hair optimum for hair extensions and/or weaves?

It depends. While virgin hair can last longer thanks to its healthier state, it may not match one’s hair color compared to non-virgin hair choices.

But if you have natural hair, you may want to consider virgin hair extensions and bundles, which are in great condition and can match your hair texture.

  1. How are virgin and human hair different?

As mentioned, virgin hair is hair that never went through chemical treatments. While virgin hair is human hair, not all human hair weaves and extensions are made of virgin hair. It’s possible to invest in human hair weaves and extensions that were previously color-treated and chemically processed.

  1. How do you care for virgin hair?

Here are four steps to keeping your virgin hair in good shape:

  • Wash and condition your hair regularly
  • Scrub your scalp deeply
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once every 1-2 weeks
  • After showering, use a leave-in treatment or serum
  1. How long does virgin hair last?

Virgin hair would last longer compared to extensions and weaves that were chemically processed. That said, the specific lifespan will depend on how well you would take care of them. Take note that the way you care for your hair bundles will be a bit different compared to how you’ll take care of the virgin hair you have on your head.

Wrapping It Up

Let this information on virgin hair keep you informed about the weaves, extensions, and hair bundles you plan to invest in.

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