Backlink – How are the 1960’s clothing shaping fashion in the 21st century

Fashion is forever evolving and changing, and they say that different decades of style come back around whether we’re a fan of it or not. As of now, the 1960s are making their way into the forefront of fashion. I’m talking pencil skirts, animal prints and button-ups. 60s clothing can be enjoyed by everyone and has a style that can fit anyone’s taste. It also was quite an iconic decade for many reasons, like; music, politics and film. Many of the famous names from the 60s we still remember today, so it seems like a good era to make a return.

So how exactly are the 1960s clothing shaping fashion in the 21st century? Clothing became significantly more casual across all genders, which is definitely a trend you see becoming more apparent in today’s fashion scene – especially with the likes of Yeezy and Balenciaga, who incorporate the idea of casual dress into their collections. Colours have also become brighter, and patterns are the new in. This could be a time to start becoming more creative with your style. Fashion can be seen as a reflection of you, so don’t be shy to experiment and try new things.

Mens 1960s clothes influenced military fashion, and rock stars became the fashion icons. Button-up shirts became popular as they can really embrace the colours and patterns I was talking about in any which way – definitely something we see a lot more of now. You may have noticed how these sorts of shirts are becoming much more popular online and in stores. Is this a trend you could see yourself rocking? If this isn’t to your taste, then how about denim? Yep, double denim is on its way back to our wardrobes. Hear me out; a lovely blue denim jacket with some wide-leg jeans can create an iconic look that embraces the 60s era, which is really starting to shape the 21st century in fashion. As I said, the idea of casual wear is coming back around; cargo trousers, tracksuits and sweatshirts are all elements of what was popular in the 1960s but have adopted their modern twist, of course! You see many big names utilising this trend and making headways on the runway. Fashion is becoming way more accessible for people to keep up with what’s trendy and popular – you can find the staple pieces in most stores, and you don’t have to spend much money.

So there you go, that’s a small insight into how the 1960s are shaping 21st-century fashion. As we’ve discovered, there are many different trends to choose from, so you’ll be far from a fashion fail. Result!

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