Stunning Holiday Hairstyle to Slay the Christmas Party

The festive season is here, and you have to make sure that the Christmas party is quite memorable. Note that you need to step out in a unique hairstyle that wows everyone. If you lack great ideas to help you stand out, stay on this page. You will learn about hairstyles that could match your holiday outfit.

The following are great hairstyle ideas that will help you Slay the Christmas party. Some of them are quite simple. You will not require much time or expensive pieces to execute. Besides, beauty is all you are craving for, and that is exactly what you will get once you choose your preferred style and have it executed as soon as you can.

Modern Lob

In case you feel like you are running short of hairstyle ideas, you can try a modern lob. I don’t think you will have a few options since you can easily change up a shorter haircut for Christmas from the Farrah. You can easily switch to an off-center part and use a flat iron to bump the ends. Do not forget to snap on a clip and step out with your amazing style.

Remember, it’s Christmas, and the weather may not be conducive. Thus, you may have to match up your modern lob with a warm color Christmas outfit.

Double Dutch Updo

It is very easy to transform your regular Dutch braids into a sexy updo. You can achieve this by taking the loose ends of the braids, wrapping them around each other, and then tucking them inside your braids. Do not forget to secure them with a number of bobby pins. This process will not require a whole day to make. Only three to four minutes, and you are good to grace the party.

Classic Braid

The Christmas party does not need anything crazy or anything that will devour much of your valuable time while styling. A simple hairstyle such as a classic braid might be the right style to rock. It is an easy style to execute, and it looks great on you. For a more freaking look, you can slick your hair backward using a non-crunchy gel.


You are used to wearing pearls on your ears or your neck. So, what about switching things up and wearing them on your hair? Well, try it, and you will look amazing. It is indeed one of the cutest ideas that you can ever execute for a Christmas party. Use a pretty pearl clip to make your hair look awesome.

Waves with Bedazzled Pins

Hair clips are here to stay. This season, you can still try them. You can just curl your hair using a wand to make some waves and pin some 3 to 4 clips on the sides. And your top hairstyle for the party is ready.

High Ponytail

Have you tried a ponytail before? What about a high ponytail for this season? Listen, ponytails will not just remind you about the high school vibes but will also help you stand out. You can simply swirl the edge of your hair into a pretty design using a non-flaky edge control gel, and your hair will look great for the party.


With these ideas, you should not look further. Execute any of the above ideas, and you will look great for the Christmas party. Your local salon should be able to help you with your chosen hairstyle. You can still DIY some of them. This is because they are pretty easy. Also, do not forget to contact your local hair supplier to deliver a few pieces for the hairstyle.

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