Things You Can Plan Now While the Wedding Day is Not Yet Set

Many engaged couples have been putting off their wedding day due to several reasons including the uncertainty of the pandemic. Some have formalized the knot in an intimate celebration but still looking into holding a grander event. On the other hand, others are more patient to wait for when the pandemic dies down, and so all their loved ones can make it.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you and your partner lean more into, it’s undeniable that you have a lot of time in your hands to make your wedding day the best it could be. Here are ways you can maximize every minute counting down to it:

Get Fit for Your Wedding Dress

Wearing wedding garb and actually getting married happens only once in your lifetime. Better make yourself look good in it for the photos you’re gonna keep forever. Although your appearance should never be the sole determinant of how happy the occasion will be, think of losing those extra pounds as doing yourself a favor by getting healthier ahead of this big day in your life.

Besides, the planning is only going to get more hectic from here. Give yourself that stamina boost by regularly engaging in heart-pumping workouts and balancing out your diet with protein and fiber-rich food. Sticking to a fitness regimen will most definitely clear your skin and improve your shape; you will be happy keeping your wedding photos untouched by editing software.

Prenuptial Photo Shoot

Scout for the best scenic views you can use as backdrops for your prenuptial photoshoot. Take the time to find spots that are not necessarily abroad or that will need you to spend a lot on transportation. You will find that there are nearby locations that offer the most picturesque views.

Also, hire a photographer friend. Not only can you avail of fee discounts, but such a gesture will also make him feel appreciated for his craft and honored to cover such an important event in your life.

Decide on Entrees

By this point in your life, you should have attended a good number of weddings and noticed similar entrees like mac and cheese, grilled chicken, and mashed potatoes were served on every occasion. Now that you have all the time to dedicate to your wedding planning, you might as well brainstorm on dish ideas that are not usually served in weddings but are, otherwise, delectable for any palate.

Nothing is wrong with going out of the convention if that means providing your guests with a pleasant gastronomic experience. Wedding savant site The Knot Worldwide recommends fresh and appetizing ideas like bao buns and fresh poke bowls.

Well Wishes

You’ll never know who can make it to your wedding date. This has been the reality even before the pandemic. This time, though, invitees sending in their video messages to the couple has become the norm. It’s just much safer and more convenient for everyone.

And so, with your extra time, request the video messages of your closest family members and friends who have a lower chance of making it in person to your wedding. If you do not want to spoil yourself with the video content, kindly ask your wedding coordinator to gather all these files. But, if you’re not particular about seeing them before the wedding day, you could snip and link all these videos together and save the fees you would have spent for an editor.


The long wait could also be the perfect time to decide what best complements your white wedding dress, the veil, and the groom’s dress shirt. Neutrals like taupe and gray never go out of style and will spare you from the headache of matching everything like your jewelry, flowers, decor, favors, and invitation cards.

Before you get too engrossed with the nitty-gritty of wedding preparation, you want to mentally prepare yourself for your new life ahead. It’s going to be so much different having to unite all your decisions with your partner. Many newlyweds would agree they struggled with the adjustment months, some even years into the marriage.

As early as now, create at least an image of how you and your partner are going to be as a family. Be aware of what you need to prepare if you both welcome the prospects of having a baby. Getting back to reality from that wedding day high could be a daunting task to anybody, and so knowing what to expect after such an elating moment in your life could help alleviate that mood crash.

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