Buying Gold Jewellery for Akshaya Tritiya – 6 Tips to Get Value for Money

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious and holy event in the Hindu calendar falling during the “Shukla Paksha Tritiya” in Vaishakha month every year. In Sanskrit, Akshaya implies anything that lasts forever or endless. Hence, the day is believed to bring in genuine good luck and revered by Hindus and Jains in India. As with any auspicious holy event in India, people prefer to start new ventures or purchase something new. Gold jewellery is one popular buying option considered auspicious to buy during Akshaya Tritiya. You should buy gold jewellery from reputed brands like Tanishq the well-known jewelry brand in India synonymous with superior- quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and high-quality jewellery.

The below tips would also help you to buy value for money gold jewelry during Askhaya Tritiya this year.

6 Tips to Buy Gold and Get Value for Money

Tip #1 – Check Purity Standards

Before purchasing gold jewelry, always check for its purity. This helps to evaluate its true value. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the authorized agency hallmarks gold jewellery and validates its purity. So, every jewellery which is hallmarked has a number designated to it, including BIS stamp, carats, year of hallmarking in an alphabetical order, jeweler’s identity hallmark, and the assay center. Tanishq is one of the known hallmarked brands that offers purity in gold buying.

Tip # 2 – Check offers/discounts on Gold Making Charges

On the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, many jewelers provide massive discounts on gold making charges for a limited period. So, before buying any gold, always lookout for such discounts, to get a good bargain on your gold purchase.

Tip # 3 – Undertake Price Comparison

Undertake a quick comparison of the prevalent market prices and across stores, as gold price tends to vary between jewellery brands. So, verify parameters like making charges, purity, discounts and the like before zeroing on your gold purchase.

Tip # 4 – Undertake Sound Buying Decision

Though there are various options to choose from while buying gold jewellery, still you should adopt a prudent approach on what to buy. Choose gold jewellery that will provide maximum potential returns, thus getting value for money.

Tip # 5– Choose gold coins for investment buying

If you are purchasing gold jewellery during Akshaya Tritiya mainly for investment purpose, then gold coins can be a good option.

Tip # 5– Avoid studded gold jewellery

Precious stones and other studded gold jewellery, no doubt, enhance the overall beauty of the gold ornament. However, they are normally priced higher than a regular gold ornament, Also, having precious stones embedded in gold jewellery reduces its overall value. Such ornaments also incur higher making charges. When they are exchanged or sold, mostly you get an exchange value only for the amount of gold in the ornament as the precious stones are removed prior to valuing the gold.

The above tips will help you to make an accurate choice. Also, reputed brands like Tanishq offer an exquisite array of high quality, crafted gold jewelry. They even offer quality gold coins for savings and investments.

At Tanishq, you can be assured of the purity of your gold jewellery as the brand has its own stringent quality standards, thus ensuring the best experience for its huge loyal customer base.

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