Celebrate women’s day with modern designs of gold necklace

Women may live each day as it comes, in the same pattern every day doing household chores, managing office, taking care of elders and children etc. But when its international women’s day on 8th March every year, the level of excitement is different. It is one special day in a year that appreciates the presence of feminine power in the world.

In the new year 2022, international women’s day is just around the corner on March 8. It is not just a day to celebrate women, but it is a revolutionary movement that started in the early 20th century by women who struggled with oppression and inequality. It is a symbolic celebration of achieving social, political, cultural and economic equality.

From the early 20th century to the 21st century women have come a long way. They have achieved far more than ever imagined. They are at the forefront of every field, be it as a teacher, engineer, pilot, doctor, homemaker, economist, business leaders etc.

Every woman is precious in her own role. To celebrate this achievement and to applaud oneself, why not gift yourself something precious this women’s day? What can be more precious than the favourite yellow metal, gold! If you ask why, then check out some of the reasons you must gift yourself a gold this women’s day:

  • Gold is not just a precious metal, but it is considered auspicious by Indians. It is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition.
  • Gold is attributed with warding off negative energy and bringing positivity in our lives. Hence, it is a major part of Indian weddings, where parents gift gold to daughters to bring positivity, prosperity and luck in the new phase of life.
  • Gold is not just a gift for the present, it is a wonderful investment for the future too. And being a modern woman, you understand the importance of investing for the future.
  • Gold bought today is an heirloom tomorrow. You can always hand over your gold to your daughter or granddaughter who will cherish the gift of gold jewellery as much as you cherished yours

Gift a gold jewellery to yourself or to a special woman in your life this women’s day. Celebrate women’s day with some modern gold designs curated by Tanishq for the contemporary women in India.

Here is a beautiful amalgamation of white gold and rose gold bound by the infinity symbol. This uber modern necklace in gold goes well with a formal attire as well as a casual wear.

If you would like to combine casual with traditional, then this simple floral design in gold can work like a charm giving an ethnic yet a modern look.

This three-layer gold chain cum necklace is dipped in decadence for a semi casual look.

For some modern necklace embedded with traditional design, try this gold and ruby regal necklace.

For some ultra-modern look, go for this necklace that showcases gold and pearl moving in waves.

How about this contemporary gold necklace that is adorned with tiny hearts for some self-love? This is going to charm every person when you wear to a party.

This one is an amazing blend of tradition with modern, a dazzling choker style gold necklace that is definitely a head turner.

Here is another modern wavy pattern for those of you who do not like pearls in their gold jewellery. This can be a casual as well as a party wear.

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