Dressing when you’re pregnant can be a headache. And what about the post-pregnancy?

Your body changes during pre-maternity and after! Personal Shoppers online have worked for a long time to prepare a selection of clothes for pregnant women that will allow you to be yourself, throughout this natural process. Find out how to dress during pregnancy and in the middle of summer!

How to dress in the summer when you are pregnant: Do’s / Don’ts

Depending on the number of months, your belly has started to round up and maybe even bother you. From your fingers to the tips of your toes, your body temporarily changes shape and this is sometimes inconvenient for you.

This is why the basis of a maternity collection is of course to offer you all the possible comfort. But comfort does not mean giving up on trends! Because there is no question that your nine months of pregnancy will become nine months away from fashion and your style, here are our tips …


  • Cheap trendy women’s clothing made of natural materials are welcome! Linen, silk or cotton, these fabrics breathe well.
  • The famous elastic waistband on your pants allows you to wear jeans, shorts, culottes and just about anything you fancy!
  • Fluid materials and fabrics that fall straight are pleasant to wear like long shift dresses … but above all fashionable! Don’t overlook the strength of oversize.


  • Very tight pants and high waists, especially in summer. You need to breathe, avoiding anything that can interfere with your circulation.
  • It seems a no-brainer, but avoid black and dark clothes that attract heat. You will be all the more sensitive to it this summer as you become pregnant: your body is already naturally at a higher temperature.
  • Plastic shoes and very tight shoes, which increase the swelling of the foot and ankle.

Your summer looks for pregnant women

Looking for inspiration for a day on the town this summer? An evening on the terrace, a day at work? Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same tunic or overalls for the whole summer! Here is the selection …

Your dresses for pregnant women

  • For most women, wearing cheap trendy women’s clothing edition is a must-have summer treat. The feeling of being dressed in nothing, lightness and comfort: nothing replaces your favourite dress!
  • If you are already a month into your pregnancy, you tend to think that your only option is to invest in an XXL dress. Many of you have told us about it, so we repeat it here: it is far from being the case!
  • Fluid materials are an excellent ally. The vaporous materials are not only ultra-comfortable to wear but also elegant and very feminine.

How to wear a dress during pregnancy in summer?

To be comfortable in all your dresses this summer, choose pieces that adapt perfectly to your stomach. An elastic under the bust, in particular, marks the waist and also helps you maintain good support.

  • As for the neckline, now is the time to take the opportunity to try new things. Try the off-the-shoulder cut, the V-neck or very open in the back!
  • Your ideal daytime look: a flowing dress and flat (but fluffy) sandals to roam the city. In the evening, swap the fluidity for a ribbed cotton close to the body, a pair of moccasins or heeled sandals in which you are comfortable.

Your evening looks for pregnant women

  • Your best asset for a dressy summer evening look is the body-hugging fabric. Black long shift dresses that hug your curves are perfect under a blazer, which brings a little verticality. Feel free to wear one or two sizes above yours for the tailor.
  • Your comfortable heels for the evening: the “kitten heels”, these “kitten heels” which add a simple curvature to the foot.
  • Don’t you fancy the traditional “LBD” (Little Black Dress)? Treat yourself and sport a punchy colour!

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