Fashion 101: The Growing Popularity Of Custom Dress Shirts Among Men!

For the longest time, custom-made clothing was considered to be the choice of the elite and privileged. Not anymore. While majority of men don’t really care for fashion trends like their female counterparts, more men are willing to spend on custom clothing. No matter whether you are someone who leads the team at work, or a sales person who has to make a new pitch every month, you must consider investing in at least a few custom dress shirts. In this post, we are decoding the growing popularity of customized clothing for men.

Decoding the benefits of custom clothing

Customizing dress shirts for many men is al about style and fit. The contemporary man is aware of style choices and prefers to make a statement. With custom clothing, you can get the fit that suits your style, but more than that, it works for each person’s body type. If you have a specific type of body and cannot find the size that fits your shape, customizing is probably the only choice you have. From the placket and interlining, to collar stays, outer fabric, collar, buttons and more, you can select almost everything. Also, customizing shirts is a great way of adopting new trends and experimenting with styles. If you have spotted a trend and don’t want to spend on designer wear, a custom shirt is a great way to get going.

Customizing dress shirts

There are many services that offer customized dress shirts for men, and you can check online to place an order. The ordering process, at least with the top services, is actually very easy, where you can select the fabric, fit and style. The good news is you can even choose the kind of measurements you want to give. Some websites allow you to share your own measurements, which can be taken with a measuring tape, while you can also choose regular AI-based filters to find your fit. We strongly recommend that you check all the relevant details and shipping times before placing an order. A good service should be willing to alter the first order on request, and you can check the process for that.

More men are willing to pay a tad more for customized shirts, and as far as the pricing is concerned, you will actually find that the costs are lower than some of the luxury brands, although there are no compromises on fabric or stitch.

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