Gadgets That Help Make Your Life Easier

It’s 7:59 a.m. and you’ve barely finished your first cup of coffee before you realize you have to be in a meeting in exactly one minute. While you throw on an appropriate shirt (AKA not the shirt you slept in) for your Zoom call, you wonder how you could be more in control of your life. You have multiple calendars, you set text reminders and still you find yourself in this situation. We get it. In today’s world the back and forth between remote work, going into the office and remembering to pencil in time for yourself — not to mention the idea of having a social life — is difficult to manage. How do you take care of yourself, your home and your happiness and well-being with ease? By adding to your collection of help-me-organize-my-life gadgets, you can stay three steps ahead of your mounting to-do list and create time for you.

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All Work and Time to Play

  • A High-Tech Watch –No other gadget has stood the test of time (pun intended) like the watch. With the large variety of luxury watches available today, not only can you show up on time, but you can show up in style as well. We know work follows you everywhere you go: the constant buzz in your pocket letting you know your inbox is filling up, mom trying to Facetime while you’re on a date and the vacations that barely feel like you’ve left anything behind. Unplug with a classic Rolex watch. There are even authentic used Rolex watches that could shave off some of the cost and allow you to save up for that off-the-grid getaway you’ve been dreaming of.
  • A Portable Projector – Speaking of travel, even if it’s just down the street or in your own backyard, a portable projector offers up some amazing options for a fun night in or out. Pop some popcorn and set the projector up in your living room or backyard for a family fun (or solo!) night in, take it out under the stars with a picnic and blanket for a romantic and unique date night idea or be the favorite house for sleepovers when your kids’ friends come over. Whatever your plan, you’ll be set for movie night success wherever you go.
  • A Smart Ring – Tired of wearing a bulky step counter or a digital watch that’s just not your style? There’s a ring for that! Smart rings are a great alternative to traditional health monitors. What’s better than a good-looking ring that tracks your heart rate, counts your steps and makes sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep?
  • A Ring Light – Less than ideal lighting for your Zoom cocktail hour or department meeting? Ring lights aren’t just for TikTok and Instagram influencers. Show off your best-lit self and say no to sitting in the dark like the office vampire. You don’t have to search for the best light any longer. Just clip it to your laptop or use a small table tripod, and you’re set. Step into the light!

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  • A Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Sick of playing music from your phone? With portable bluetooth speakers, you can bring the music with you everywhere you go. Take a speaker to the beach and play your favorite summertime playlist while you soak up the sun (with the proper SPF, of course). Portable speakers come in a variety of sizes making them a convenient choice for trips — think of that hotel room with no dock for your phone. They also come in handy when your friend with questionable taste in music is hosting the party!
  • Wireless Earbuds – You’ve probably heard someone say listening is different from hearing, but to listen we have to be able to hear clearly. With wireless earbuds or headphones, you can move around freely without being connected to anything other than what you’re listening to. Maybe it’s your favorite podcast, your workout playlist turned up to max volume or your manager talking about the leveraging of assets. Whatever it might be, the convenience of having fewer wires to deal with is totally worth it.

There’s No Place Like Home

Sure, we all want to juggle our calendars and have our time in the sun, but if we’re being honest, the majority of our time is spent at home. And there’s nothing wrong with that — you should love your space. By adding fun and functional items to wherever you call home, you can begin to focus on relaxing and simply existing in the moment.

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  • A Smart Hub – By now we are all familiar with that certain name we call out whenever we want to know the weather or the answer to an obscure question. However, there is an abundance of smart home devices that can answer all of your questions and more. By connecting your smart home devices, you can easily control how and when your bedroom lights are turned on and off, remind yourself to take your vitamins, wake up to the daily news or your favorite song and control music throughout your home. You can even communicate with the other members of your household without having to yell across rooms or up the stairs. The convenience of building out your smart home devices is worth the investment. Best of all? They’re also pretty fun.
  • A Robotic Vacuum – You know them, you love them. Those friendly robots who vacuum when you don’t want to. These gracious cleaners can be set on a timer so you don’t even need to remember to turn them on. They clean a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, tile and vinyl. With a new robotic vacuum, soon that cat hair on your area rug will be a thing of the past.
  • A Sunrise Alarm Clock – Wake up to the sunrise! Well, not the actual sunrise. Some of us like to sleep a little longer than that. When you use a sunrise alarm clock, you are opting in to an effective way to wake up while also restoring your natural circadian rhythm.

Whatever you choose, gadgets can brighten your day and help relieve stress while amplifying your overall day-to-day enjoyment. They’re vital to your organization, and they make the smallest details feel simple. And, hey. Sometimes they’re downright cool.

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