Great Ideas for Styling Your Beard

If you currently have a glorious beard after spending some time growing it, you might be wondering now what else you can do with. This can be the best chance to explore various beard styles. Whether you are looking for a new approach or smooth out the little quirks of your facial hair, beard styling will help you get things exactly as you want.

Read to learn more about beard styling and your options:

Beard Styling Tools you can Use

Before you pick a style, ensure your beard is well-groomed and clean. Starting fresh with a clean-shaven face will provide you with the best chance of bringing together the style you desire. Trying to create a new look based on the growth you already have is trickier than you may have thought. The reason is that you did not grow your existing beard with this new style in mind. If this is the case, you can go back to a babyface for a fresh start. Shave it all off, and let it grow for a few days to have something to work with. Keep in mind that making a new style will require some changes to our usual beard care routine. Thus, you must get ready for the big boy toys. Your essential beard products include beard oil, beard styling wax, beard balm, brush, comb, or mustache comb, mirror, electronic trimmer, and scissors.

Styling your Beard

Start by combing through your beard to loosen it up and give you a clearer sense of its overall fullness and length. After sorting out everything, choose your preferred style. There are many options to pick from but you can use resources to narrow your choices down. Online image search and men’s magazines can give you inspiration for styles to try and get a sense of what’s appropriate for your face.

After settling on a style, you will need your scissors and trimmers. Take things slow and steady when starting to develop your look. Pay attention to your beard and movements in the mirror and deal with the trim with well-defined movements.

Various Categories of Beard Styles

Below are the unique styles of beards and the basics of each. Learning about them will help you branch out into something more personalized:

  • Full beard. This famous style opens up the widest range of options. Just keep in mind that great lengths come with great responsibility.

  • Shaped and cut beard. This beard style is intended to hold a certain shape, so it requires a little more upkeep. You can expect amazing results if you are willing to put in the time.
  • Mustache combos. This beard style is ideal for hipper beard fanatics. You can incorporate a unique mustache style into other styles of facial hair, although you will need to use additional products.
  • Goatee. The goatee styles ha a wide range of styles to pick from. It is perfect for a man who cannot grow a thick beard or one who must rock a business-casual style.

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