Hot Paws in Canada

This is a one stop shop in Canada. Here, the Canadians are kept warm in different types of weathers.

Their journey

Hot Paws was founded in 1976 with an aim of making their customers happy. The shop was only started with just a pair of gloves but it has grown immensely overtime.

They have grown and expanded with very colorful and fashionable collections. The most fascinating thing is that all their products are made in Canada and by Canadians.

Their products include neck-warmers, scarves, gloves and hats. Additionally, they also have outerwear, boots and base layers. These can be perfect fit for an entire family especially during winter.

These products are weather-resistant and pocket-friendly for their customers. They have the best look, materials and styles.  Every year, this shop sells at least a million products.

This puts Hot Paw at the front row of selling winter accessories products. It has also been put on the global map as the leading seller of quality warm products.

Most recently they launched an online store making it easy to reach as many customers as possible.

Their slogan

It is very simple. Be warm, smile, play and laugh. They ensure that you smile through the cold weather with their warm clothing.

They are firm believers in happiness. Reading a good book, listening to good music, snowboarding or simply taking coffee. It is always good for a person to recharge, refresh and relax hence the name “Happy Place”.

Hot Paw’s mission

Their main aim is simply to warm people up. This is because Canada is always in cold weather almost half of the year. Hot Paws believe that this weather should be celebrated and embraced. People should not be dull at any given time.

They believe in people’s comfort, smiles, hugs and warm clothing.  The cold should bring people together. With warm clothing, it even becomes more enjoyable. You can do the following in this cold weather;

  • Take your family for a stroll in the woods.
  • Enjoy your morning walk to work.
  • Playing with snow in the grounds.
  • Going for an evening out on a rainy day.

Return Policy

You find that it is not all the time that you will love what you buy. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can always reach out to them. Some of the things you need to know when returning their products include;

  1. If you have purchased anything from their partner retail store you must produce an original receipt when requesting for a refund.
  2. When you buy their products online and want a refund ensure that;
  • You carry your order number.
  • Confirm that you are requesting for a refund or exchange.
  • Your reason for returning.
  • Item you want to return or exchange.

Closing remarks

You can beat the winter weather comfortably with Hot Paw’s amazing products. You will carry out your daily activities with no worry of what to wear in what weather. This is because Hot Paw got you covered.

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