How to choose rain jackets for women

There is no such thing as having bad weather; it only gets inconvenient once you go out without the correct type of clothing. Women’s clothing offers a wide variety of fashion options that one can put down while maintaining their fashion sense. Here are some things you might want to consider while choosing the right rain jacket for yourself or an important woman in your life.

Do you want a water-resistant or waterproof rain jacket

Water-resistant jackets offer a minimal level of protection compared to waterproof jackets. The coating that is commonly found in a water resistance jacket is a durable water repellent which is not usually permanent and might require to be reapplied. For a season that does not experience a lot of rain, then this would be an ideal solution. For the heavy rainfall season, it is essential to look for a women’s rain jacket that is made of waterproof material and is built using unique technology. The material has also been tested using a hydrostatic head test to determine how tall the water column is that the fabric can hold before it leaks.

How breathable is the jacket material

While it is raining, people tend to walk faster or even run and then the body tends to generate heat. It is, therefore, crucial to get a jacket with a material that you can feel that you can breathe despite it being warm on the outside. The breathability of any rain jacket for women is measured by how well the weather and heat can leave the inside of the coat. A soft, breathable jacket material might lead to one feeling uncomfortable due to the sustained heat and might as well lead to an unpleasant odour from the sweating.

The versatility of the rain jacket

Perfect rain jackets have become a thing as women have realised the importance of being able to retain their fashion sense. An item of clothing that only serves one purpose not only makes one feel bored about having to see it in the closet but also not being able to put it on when you want to. For people who like to do it yourself and create their fashion which is aside from what everyone is doing, they might be able to throw in a raincoat even when the rain has not yet come. Get yourself a rain jacket that you can put on when it is raining and when the rain is done without feeling like you are out of any fashion sense.

The right fit

For any rain jacket woman, you must get the right fit which involves getting a fit that will allow you to put on the layers of clothing you would like to put inside your rain jacket. Getting a fitting one to your body will mean that you will not be able to put on any clothes intended to give you any warmth. To identify the right fit, put on your jacket and raise your hands in front of you, and if the sleeves seem shorter, that’s a small fit for you. If you find the sleeves longer, that might be the right fit for you even while you need to put on anything before your rain jacket.

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