Who Are Preserved Roses Good For?

Finding the perfect gift is a bit of an art form. First, you must consider who you are gifting. Then, you have to reach into the depths of your knowledge to try and pull up a hidden bit of trivia that can tell you what it is they would like to receive.

You should know, gift giving doesn’t have to be so stressful. When you utilize a customizable, beautiful, and meaningful gift like the forever roses at Million Roses, you hit that emotional marker every single time.

The best part is, everybody loves receiving a beautiful arrangement of preserved roses!

They last for years, make a beautiful addition to any space, and they match evoke the proper emotion every single time.

The History of Gifting Flowers

The tradition of gifting flowers is depicted in literature and art in ancient Grecian, Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese civilization. It seems almost as far back as history has been recorded, people have appreciated the beauty and opulence that radiates from a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

The tradition of gifting flowers has carried on through history, and what is even more interesting is that the gifting of flowers to business associates, friends, and loved ones was not gender prohibitive.

Men and women often gifted flowers to others of varying genders without reservation.

The gifting of flowers was often done with careful consideration. Different plants carry different symbolic meanings among cultures, which would lead to them being used in a variety of ways. Some flowers may be specifically reserved for mourning events like funerals and wakes, while other flowers were given to bring certain positive energy to an event.

Myrtle, for instance, was often gifted at weddings as it was once believed to represent strength in unity and the everlasting bonds of love.

Rose Symbolism

Roses also carry a lot of symbolism, which has heavily evolved over time. The oldest discussion of roses shows that it was closely associated with the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. In fact, Aphrodite was said to have used the oil of roses to protect those she loved.

The ancient Greek geographer, Pausanioius, often said that the rose was red because aphrodite bled upon the flower after being pricked by its thorn.

Though the Greek impression of the rose is beautiful, it also carries heavy symbolism in Christianity, Paganism, Mysticism, and traditional floriography.

Here are some of the most common symbolic meanings associated with roses:

Yellow Rose: Friendship, Kindred Spirits, Respect

White Rose: New Life, Innocence, Rebirth, Purity

Red Rose: Love, Romance, Passion, Adoration

Black Rose: Changes, New beginnings, Mourning

Pink Rose: Gratitude, Admiration, Joyousness

Orange Rose: Enthusiasm, Exciting, Exuberance

Do Men Like to Receive Roses?

Men really do enjoy receiving flowers. It might seem like an idea pushed by florists to sell more product, but there are social polls and science backing the statement.

A poll conducted by the Society of American Florists showed that 60% of the men polled said they would want to receive flowers as a gift. Another poll, covering fathers in particular, showed that 75% of those polled would like to be surprised with flowers from their loved ones.

When discussing the scientific proof behind men liking flowers, we turn to information provided by Rutgers University researcher Holly Hale and psychology professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones. The two performed a behavioral study on the effect being gifted flowers had on men.

In their study they discovered that men who were gifted flowers displayed behaviors that may indicate the presence of increased endorphins and improved mood. Specifically, the men held increased eye contact during their conversations with the researchers, they stood closer both in and out of conversation, and smiled and showed positive demeanors consistently and more often than those in the study who did not receive any flowers.

This study provided strong evidence to something florists have known for years – everybody is capable of feeling the joy of receiving beautiful flowers.

The Best Time to Gift Forever Roses

Preserved roses make a wonderful gift for all occasions and all people. With standard roses, you have to consider that there are only so many color variations that are compatible with longevity. However, our preservation process allows us to create some of the most unique colorizations on our long-lasting flower arrangements.

This means you can find a truly unique display that will fit the aesthetic of all the people in your life. Whether the flowers are meant as a multi-seasonal table display, a constant reminder of your love and devotion, or a durable gift for a loved one who isn’t so great at caring for plants, preserved roses are the perfect way to go.

Preserved roses are particularly popular as an anniversary gift and other yearly milestones. This is because it is so poignant to watch as the flowers carry on with you through the year as you work your way to the next remembrance of that milestone.

It is a gift that your loved ones simply won’t forget.

The 7 Best Preserved Rose Displays for Gifting

  1. The Single Rose

Sometimes the simplest statement says the most, and the single rose display by Million Roses is no exception. Choose from a wide selection of color combinations to create a stunning look that shows how much you appreciate the lucky receiver of your gift.

A single rose is a perfect gift for first anniversaries, birthdays, milestone events, baby showers, friendsgiving, teacher appreciation, and so much more. No matter who ends up with your rose, they will look upon it with joy for years to come.

  1. Neon Pink and Gold Roses

A flower arrangement that throws conformity on its head will show that unique person in your life how much you appreciate their electric spirit. The vibrant shock of color in these neon pink and gold roses says “I want to show you how truly special I think you are.”

This mini arrangement can hold up to 15 roses and makes a statement that works for many different events, including: birthday celebrations, quinceaneras, proms, graduations, bat mitzvahs, or just to surprise a friend.

  1. Black – Crystal Edition Gold Roses

Roses have an air of regality about them that other flowers simply can’t match. The Black – Crystal edition Gold Roses by Million Roses pushes that level of luxury beyond anything you’ve seen. The gorgeous black suede box and trimming of shimmering crystals create the most eye-catching base for up to 15 gold, long-stem roses.

Though any person would be thrilled to receive this sumptuous arrangement, it’s beautiful, sleek look makes it a perfect addition to the decor at weddings, bridal showers, milestone birthdays, concert halls, upscale offices, and any place that needs an extra pop of sophistication.

  1. Rainbow Roses – Love Box

When you want to tell someone you care about how much you support them, the Rainbow Roses – Love Box is the perfect way to go. The large display contains up to 30, vibrant rainbow roses. The flowers are nestled into a heart-shaped, soft touch box that adds to the feelings of love and openness this display exudes.

Whether you are celebrating Pride month, supporting a loved one who is coming out, or just gifting a general lover of rainbows, you can’t go wrong with the Rainbow Roses – Love Box. This arrangement is also a fantastic gift for mother’s day, valentine’s day, or any day you want to show your love and appreciation of someone in your life.

  1. Royal Blue and Gold – Suede Box

Any arrangement by Million Roses can be gifted to any person in your life, but men in particular seem to love the Royal Blue and Gold – Suede Box arrangement. This might be because of the bold, masculine colors displayed in the preserved roses and their silky, suede box. No matter the reason, we know the man in your life will adore this over the top showing of your love.

Try gifting this arrangement for birthdays, graduation parties, Father’s Day, anniversaries, retirement parties, or just because. The roses can last up to three years thanks to the advanced preservation techniques of Million Roses, and don’t require complicated care to maintain.

  1. Long-Stem – Red Rose Bundle

We all seem to know someone who has a variety of gorgeous vases and containers around their home that don’t get nearly enough use. For those people in our lives, the Long-Stem – Red Rose bundle is a perfect gift idea.

The traditional looking bundle of roses is beautifully preserved and can last for years, making it a perfect choice to fill your favorite container. The long-stem bundle also makes for a more traditional appearing gift to give someone after a live performance, graduation, or even before a first date!

  1. A Truly Custom Display

If the premade selections at Million Roses aren’t speaking to you, you can create your own custom arrangement. Choose from a variety of colored preserved roses, choose your favorite display base, and end up with a gift that your loved one will truly appreciate.

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