How to Find the Best Bronze Lingerie that’s Stylish, Sexy and Fun

When we think of lingerie that’s stylish, sexy and fun we tend to picture black lace, or red panties. However, bronze lingerie produced by boutiques staffed with creative designers are giving black and red a run for their money. Bronze lingerie can be sexy and fun if it stands apart from common sets that one could buy from a big department store. When looking for something unique, you should look at sexy bronze lingerie by Foxers in their safari line, and notice how they take bronze panties to the next level.

Buy Bronze Lingerie with Black Lace

Bronze and black go amazingly well together, so when you buy bronze lingerie try to find a set that has black lace. The black pops against the bronze color, and at the same time, it enhances the bronze. Bpth bronze and black look great on any skin tone, so feel free to shop for bronze lingerie with black lace and know you will look and feel amazing wearing your new purchase.

Bronze Lingerie Should be Practical, Yet Sexy

Have you noticed how sexy bronze lingerie isn’t always comfortable? Sure, it may look hot, but it’s the last thing you want to wear all day. Boxer briefs for women and boy shorts are comfortable, and so long as you buy bronze versions made with a thoughtful eye for design and style, you will not only feel comfortable but also feel sexy. And ditch that old underwire bra for a crop top style version that will give your breasts plenty of support.

Make Sure Your Bronze Lingerie Offers a Touch of Drama

A little color (not too much) can be an exciting touch from a design perspective, and a great way for adding drama to sexy bronze lingerie. Foxewrs has designed their Safari line to offer just that: you can get bronze lingerie with a colorful paisley band showcasing vibrant red, green, yellow and blue. If you get the boy short bronze lingerie, a cute little pocket with the same color design touch is added on the right cheek. Not only does this little pocket add a touch of drama but it can be a great place to discreetly hide your xanax when taking a long, stressful international flight.

Don’t Forget Him

When shopping for bronze lingerie, look for a line that has a matching pair of boxer briefs for him. Bronze boxer briefs with a solid black band will compliment your bronze lingerie with black lace. Whether you are going on a vacation or just hanging out around the house, couples matching bronze lingerie is a great way to add a spark of fun in your lives, and even turn up the dial in the romance department. However, avoid men’s bronze boxer briefs with any added colorful patterns on the black waistband, as this is more of a feminine attribute and in order for the couples lingerie to work, his must remain very masculine, while hers boasts femininity and power.

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