How To Style Flashy Durags : What To Wear With Prints ?

Durags are simple but trendy pieces of cloth that are normally worn as caps. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, a durag can help you retain a particular hairstyle, say a spotty wave. It can also serve as moisture preserving material, although this depends on if the durags are made of silk or satin.
Durags come in different colors and designs so this article will show you how to blend your flashy durags with your outfits.

Styling Your Attire to Fit Your Durag

Then follow our advice.

Military-style Durags

Military durags come in various styles and designs. After all, there are many different military camouflage colors out there. These durags can be paired with monotone, dull or natural colors. However, neon pink, light gray can work too.
Orange Prints Durags

Orange prints can be paired with animal skin clothing, plainclothes in colors like black, white, grey, or in sharp pastel colors. It all depends on what you want. Check out this one here

Dual Colored Durags

Some durags come in two colors, each separated by a stitch through the middle. These durags usually match with colors that compliment both colors represented on it. E.g a pink and purple durag would look good with a dark grey blazer.
Bandana Prints

Durags with bandana prints usually look great when paired with casual clothing, beachwear, and other everyday outfits. The color and style don’t usually matter.

Benefits of Wearing A Durag

They are multiple.

Moisture Retention on Your Hair 
Satin and silk durags are great for retaining moisture as well as products which in turn help to preserve the texture or styling of hair.

They Add Uniqueness to Your Outfit 
Durags make outfits, even the ones you wear everyday, look unique. They also add a change to your style that makes it look classy, chic, or urban.

Cover Bad Hair 
Are you having a bad hair day? You can hide the truth under a durag for a complete overhaul of your look. Nobody will know what is under your durag unless you show them.


The key to getting the best style out of your durag is knowing how to complement the right colors. There is no rule book on how to use your durag. If you want to wear a red durag with a white 2-piece, it’s up to you. Or the red durag

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