Planning the Perfect Budget-Friendly Wedding

Many soon-to-be brides dream of having a huge wedding but have problems setting a realistic budget for that particular day. One of the wisest solutions you can come up with to make your wedding unique is considering all the expenses involved and looking for realistic means to lessen the bill without compromising. You can also make a detailed sheet of your savings to avoid going over the budget in the planning phase.

That will also help you prepare for unexpected costs and make frugal cuts if you go over your expected budget. It can be difficult, but putting your energy and time into setting the budget will make your wedding more memorable and debt-free. Below are a few helpful tips that will aid you in making realistic, frugal cuts to your wedding expenses.

Make a List of Your Priorities

Every soon-to-be groom and bride will have their priorities. Discuss what aspects of your wedding you’d want to focus on to set a realistic budget for the event. For example, you want to have a memorable honeymoon instead of spending your money on a gorgeous wedding. Managing your money wisely will allow you to achieve that goal.

Or ask yourself important questions. What are your priorities? The venue? Your dress? The decorations? The meals? List your preferences down and rank them according to their importance. That will aid you in deciding on which aspects you’ll have to cut the budget if you don’t want to exceed that amount.

Don’t Forget to Shop Around

One essential rule to remember is to avoid buying the first dress that you find. Even if a dress has already caught your attention, keep looking. Don’t decide hastily. You might even find a more appealing gown or a gorgeous diamond ring but at a lower price. It can also help to visit shops that sell affordable wedding gowns.

For brides who want to make the event more memorable, you can try finding a cheap tailor who can provide you with an affordable customized gown.

Find a Cheaper Venue

Now, more and more people prefer outdoor or other similar alternatives. That’s because wedding church rentals are expensive, so don’t be narrow-minded when looking for cheaper options. For example, a relative or friend owns a large garden. You can try to ask that relative or friend if you can have your wedding on their property.

Or you can browse online and look for nearby outdoor areas that can host weddings. It’ll be cheaper than having a church wedding. But if you want to have a church wedding, try looking for a small, local chapel instead of famous churches. Hosting the wedding and reception in one place will be cheaper because you’ll only be using one venue.

Don’t limit your choices to traditional concepts of having a wedding.

Shop Around for Your HMUA

No one wants to look ugly for the most important day of their lives, but hiring an HMUA can be expensive. Despite that, you can now find numerous hair and makeup artists, so you shouldn’t hastily pick one for your wedding. Do your homework and look for HMUAs in your area, especially those with their social media pages.

Find the time to check the portfolio of their work to aid you in picking which artist is the right one for you and fits your style. Likewise, ask for an estimate to get a clearer picture of their offers, allowing you to quickly find one that fits your budget. You’ll be at ease because you’re confident that their skills will not disappoint you on your wedding day.

Make a Personal Playlist

Following the traditional aspects of planning your wedding can be expensive. One of that traditions is hiring a band or DJ for your reception. If you already have the resources needed to keep guests entertained while eating their meals, you can customize your playlist! That will give you a chance to completely control the songs played during the reception. You can include a few memorable songs for you and your husband.

Making a customized playlist will be more memorable instead of letting someone take control of the music during the reception. Likewise, it’s cheaper to rent a sound system or find a venue with one in place and let a relative or friend manage the booth.

Making the necessary preparations is one of the most significant aspects of setting a realistic budget. You’ll still get a chance to enjoy your wedding, even if you’re working on a strict budget. Don’t be hasty because you might end up regretting your decisions down the road. Bear in mind that you can still find an even better option at a lower price.

Meta title: Planning a Wedding That Meets the Budget
meta desc: You can’t deny the fact that every woman dreams of having a perfect wedding, but the only factor that hinders that goal is the budget. Discover some tips that will help you plan a perfect wedding on a tight budget.

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