Test your diamond knowledge!

You must have heard the popular saying – under pressure and persistence, even carbon can become diamond. Such is the power of diamonds that you are given examples of its exemplariness and supremacy among other precious stones.

I don’t like diamonds – said no woman ever! Every woman and today even men aspire to own a piece of this beautiful stone. But how much do we actually know about diamonds? How well would we score if someone was to test your diamond knowledge?

First and foremost, do you know why diamonds are so precious? Natural diamonds are at least a billion years old, in fact they are as old as the earth itself. They take billions of years to form and even from the ones that have formed under the earth, only a few manage to travel to the surface to be mined. Hence, they are rare. Anything that is rare in nature becomes precious.

So how do these carbon crystals actually become diamonds? Diamonds are one hundred percent carbon and under intense pressure and heat, which is basically what happens beneath the earth’s surface, at least about 250 km deep, these carbon atoms bond in a crystalline structure to form diamonds. Through volcanic eruptions these diamonds are then carried to the surface of the earth to be mined.

That makes all diamonds naturally made, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, some diamonds are actually made in a lab. These synthetic diamonds are created using advanced technologies in a lab with conditions that duplicate the process under which natural diamonds are created. Fascinating, right! The next time you visit a jeweller for diamonds do ask them if they are natural diamonds or lab-made diamonds.

Now that we know how diamonds are formed, do we know where and when they were first discovered?

Do you know the original source of diamonds? India was the world’s first source of diamonds (maybe that’s why we have a thing for everything that glitters and sparkles)! Diamond mining as an industry appears to have originated between 700 and 500 BCE in India.

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However, in the 18th century diamond stocks depleted and then Brazil took over the reins. By the 1800s diamond reserves were found in Africa and even today Africa is the leading source of diamonds in the world. Since diamonds take a billion years to form, once the reserves of a country are depleted you may not find a diamond in that country at least in our lifetime. That’s a very interesting fact about diamond!

Did you know diamonds have healing abilities and hold powers?

May be not all of us believe in this theory today, however our history is full of proof that ancient people had these beliefs. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were believed to have the ability to cure memory loss, depression, fatigue, infections, nightmares, skin diseases and other head and heart ailments and were considered to be a “miracle stone”. Ancient Hindus believed that diamonds can protect you from danger and many ancient cultures also believed that diamonds gave you courage and strength and hence warriors and kings adorned their armours with diamonds.

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Today, the only power we know of diamonds is to make women go weak in the knees when they see diamonds. But did you know there is a deep-rooted connection of diamonds with romantic gestures? It was believed that Cupid’s arrow tip is studded with diamonds and hence even today diamonds make an appearance in marriage proposals and engagement rings and anniversary gifts.

So, when did the ritual of diamond engagement rings started?

In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria got the initials of his fiancé, Mary Burgundy, engraved on a gold ring studded with diamonds and gifted it as their engagement ring. This was the world’s first diamond engagement ring and there has been no looking back ever since.

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But do you know about the biggest diamond in the world?

No, we are not talking about the Koh-i-Noor. Though, at one point in time, Koh-i-Noor was thought to be the biggest diamond, and has a history of its own. It has transferred many hands many a times and is now on public display in the Jewel House in the Tower of London. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have all claimed ownership of the Koh-i-Noor post India’s independence. However, the British government has rejected all claims. Wonder if we’ll ever get it back to India!

So, if not Koh-i-Noor, then which one? Cullinan, the biggest diamond in the world was mined in Africa in 1905 and weighed about 3106 carats. It was gifted to King Edward, who eventually got it cut into 9 big diamonds and 100 small diamonds.

But why limit diamonds to Earth and its history? Did you know scientists have discovered a star that is actually a diamond of ten billion trillion carats! Not just a star, in 2004 scientists also discovered a planet that they believe is composed full of carbon and the entire planet is one-third diamonds? May be one day, after we conquer Mars, we can find a way to this planet? Till then let’s cherish and marvel at what Earth’s diamonds have to offer. Find your best designs at Tanishq Diamonds and enjoy a sparkly day!

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