The various styles your can create with sunglasses

Since the sun is starting to come out more, it’s time to dust off those sunglasses or invest in some new ones. You can create so many styles with sunglasses, perhaps you can try out some new ones with your sunglasses this year. I’m going to share with you all the ways these can be done in various tastes.

The first style I want to tell you about is rectangle frame sunglasses. Now, you’ve probably seen these before and thought, ‘I’m not sure they’re to my taste’ however, these styles of frames can actually complement all different head shapes and can really enhance your features. It’s also an easy way to add style and uniqueness to any outfit. You can always count on the rectangle frame for a timeless, classier design. Rectangle sunglasses have lenses that are wider than they are tall, with either sharp or rounded corners. Rectangular sunglasses can be interpreted as elegant and subtle due to the prevalence of sunglasses with lenses that tend to be larger and rounder than those found in ordinary glasses.

Although they were invented for pilots to wear, due to their shape fitting perfectly under a helmet, aviators have come a long way. They are now universally admired for their imposing stature and distinctive teardrop-shaped lenses. This design frequently combines vibrant colour with a stylish metal frame, and its large lenses offer sufficient sun protection. You can create your own personal touch to add even more to a pair of sunglasses. Sticking some pearls around the frames, coming up with a unique geometric design and adding it to the corner of your frames are all such unique ideas to make your sunglasses personal.

The best sunglasses for you will depend on your preferences and fit. Consider your preferences, try on a few frames at different shops, and see if you want to add any extra. (Do you prefer polarised lenses or a frame with a low bridge?) When you’ve discovered a pair of sunglasses that suit you, wear them with pride. You never know; your unique style might encourage others to try a new pair of sunglasses. The thing is about sunglasses is it tends not to be ‘one size fits all’ as some frames and styles will only suit some, which makes it even more exciting when you’ve found the pair of sunglasses that makes you feel comfortable.

There’s also something called ‘clip-on sunglasses’, which you may have yet to have heard of. This is a fun way to switch up your sunglasses lenses. You might want blue one day and maybe yellow the next…. You can match your sunglasses to every outfit; how exciting! Not forgetting that satisfying ‘snap’ sound you hear when you clip each new lens.

If you’re into quirky frame styles, how about giving heart-shaped frames a go or even cat eye? Both types can offer a fun and adventurous style while actually looking cool. Heart eyes aren’t just for emojis. Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone and try something new – because remember, you can always take them off, throw them away and pretend it never happened (we’ve all been there).

So there are various ways you can style sunglasses, just be yourself and maybe try something new. There are a lot more styles than I’ve listed so you can continue on some more research to really up your sunglasses game this summer.


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