Wear the color you want – A list of the trending fall colors this 2021

Did you ever nurture the misconception that you’re not supposed to wear specific colors just because they aren’t your type? If yes, this is something far from being true. Colors are never meant to be confine someone. There are people who will advise you about dressing like a Spring (mostly in bright and cheerful colors) if you’re a Spring child. Or if you’re a summer child, you should only wear pink and blue!

Now if you’re someone who likes these colors, go for them but if you wish to be a tad bit creative with colors and fashion, stay away from believing in this fashion stereotypes. There’s a variety of colors that you can rely on for creating exciting looks.

Would you like to dress like a different season?

Do you belong to Winter who wishes to recreate a summer or a spring look? This can be done by choosing the brightest and lightest colors that you love. On the contrary, if you’re a summer who chooses a dark look, you can choose the darkest colors to change your look.

Rather than doubting yourself regarding a specific few color that you can wear or dress a certain manner, ask yourself, ‘what is the real version of my colors?’ Are the colors warm or cool? Are they soft or bright? What is the mood of the color scheme I want to wear?

So, the trick behind dressing like a different seasonal color is to keep a watch on the traits of seasonal color that you wish to mimic. Keep reading to know more on the trending fall colors this 2021.

Colors that will trend this 2021

Whether you’re choosing your favorite casual plus size maxi dresses or a tube gown, or a casual top, you have to remember that ‘versatile’ is the predominant theme for winter and autumn. Here are few of the best colors that you can wear in 2021.

  • Dusky Pink

Till now, people have been loving this dusky pink shade on cushions, home appliances, bedsheet, and throws but now it seems they love it even on their clothes. This is a light shade of pink that works wonders in the relaxed-fit styles and oversized blazers and shirts. You can team it up with white basics and there will be a pop of color that is not just mature but also romantic.

  • Marine Green

What comes in mind when you think of this color? Ferns, grass or perhaps shining emerald? Yes, this is a gorgeous green color that is found everywhere. Wear the green color as a statement clothing or you can also pair it with a neutral color. If you want to wear more of this awesome color, wear a maxi skirt or a linen-mix dress that can give you a seamless winter or autumn look.

  • Powder Blue

This is a calm color that is not always as meek as it appears to be but it can certainly elevate any outfit that you wear. Powder blue isn’t as loud and bright as yellow but it is such a color that adds brightness to any dress. Blue is a wintry and cool color that has a slight hue and warmth to it.

  • Bright Yellow

Yes, this is certainly a bold color but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Yellow looks great with neutral linen or jeans or skirts. It is an attention-grabbing and cheerful color that speaks for itself. You can accessorize with this color till you feel confident. In case a single block of this color is too much for you, you can watch out for layers or stripes in this beautiful color.

So, as long as colors are concerned, it is always tough to choose a single color as ‘The Color of the Year’. Nevertheless, bright colors, earthy tones and neutral colors are certainly the trends of 2021.

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