How to take care of Blonde hair?

Blonde hair is the latest trend in the fashion industry. It looks super glamorous and outstanding if you regularly maintain and nurture it rightly. Blond hair are basically the dyed hair that requires extra care and pampering so that it does not become dry and rough. If you do not take care of these beautiful dyed hair, they may turn into pale yellow or look brassy. They are quite fragile and delicate when comes to colouring and bleaching. You need to pay extra attention when exposing your hair in the sun rays – they can become rough and frizzy. Therefore, use environmental or natural products that are specifically designed for blonde hair. Click here for award winning hairdressers in Brisbane. Therefore, we have presented you some tips and important steps to take care of your elongated blonde hair and protect them from fading.

Less shampooing the hair works better

Experts believe that you should not shampoo your hair regularly. Also, if you are applying bleach to your hair twice a week, then stop it. You are damaging your hair. Bleach will burn all the hair, damaging the area of scalp at the helm. When you walk-out salon after hair colouring, do not shampoo your hair immediately. You must wait for at least two days so that the colour get easily impersonated over your natural hair colour. When in shower, you must wear a cap and cover your hair from getting wet. You need to patiently wait to get your colour settled or else you will lose its charm and quality. Use natural oils and gently massage into the scalp. After that, you can apply natural shampoo on the day of hair wash. This will protect and smoothen your hair in the right manner.

Make sure you are not often out with theheat

Give ample time to your hair for drying. Do not use any iron based equipments to fasten its drying process. Let it dry naturally otherwise it will become quite frizzy, dry and wiry.  On some of the occasions, you always want to style your hair. So in that case, keep the temperature of iron below 350 degree and gently use it. Do not overdo it over blonde hair. Keep it flat and use it only when you have combed your hair and entangled it out. Also, UV rays are harmful for your beautiful hair, therefore avoid any kind of kind interaction with the sun. Instead cover your hair using different style of scarfs and caps for better impact.

Follow the process of deep conditioning

Blonde hair are of course dyed hair. They have been applied colours supported with bleach and in that process they become dry and rough. Therefore, apply conditioner to your hair and deeply conditioned it so that they get right kind of nurturing and moisturising at the helm. This will prevent hair fall and protect it from hair brassing.

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