Starting an Online T-Shirt Business: Everything People Need to Know

A t-shirt is not just a staple in casual wear. This thing is an article of clothing that usually reflects the wearer’s identity, interest, and personality—because of this, selling these things on the Internet has become pretty popular, especially for business owners and artists looking for an inexpensive way to start a business.

The global market for customized t-shirt printing is expected to reach at least $10 billion by 2025 – that’s billion with a capital B. With the growth of this industry, there is no doubt that people will face some serious competition.

But by handling brands for certain target markets and making t-shirt designs customers will want, entrepreneurs and artists can find their own success easily. This article will go through some steps in starting an online tee shirt venture that can bring in additional passive income monthly.

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Choose a good niche

A good niche can help entrepreneurs make their business stand out and attract the right target market without blowing their budget. The word “niche” is thrown around a lot, but it is very important to choose one when starting a tee shirt business. One of the most crucial parts of creating a successful venture is standing out from the competition. One of the best ways to do this is by targeting certain interest groups or audiences.

Generally speaking, categories such as “shirts for individuals who like witty slogans” are too broad to get noticed in a very competitive market. Entrepreneurs are going to want a tighter category. An example of a more specified niche would be “shirts with witty slogans” related to nurses, dog owners, or doctors. Here are some ways to find and evaluate good niches.

Visit the niche’s subreddit groups and evaluate subscriber counts, as well as engagement levels.

Use the Audience Insights tool to measure the size of the niche on various platforms like Facebook.

Scan the list of popular professions or hobbies on the Internet for inspiration.

Entrepreneurs can consider their interests and the community they belong to. It is okay to trust your instincts.

Once businesses narrow down their niche, they can now create a good business plan for their company that covers their goals and various opportunities to sell customized clothing and figure out how they can execute their plan.

Source quality materials and printing options

Not all tees are the same, and not all printing projects are the same. As mentioned above, the quality of the product is very important to the brand and achieve success; that is why it is imperative to educate yourself and choose the blank tees wisely. It might be pretty appealing to sacrifice the quality of the product for a higher profit margin.

Still, businesses need to consider how the product quality can affect the target market’s decision to share the brand and buy from the company again. Choosing quality tees covers several factors like fit, materials, sizing, weight, and softness. An excellent starting point when determining blank shirts is to check magazine reviews of popular empty tee products. Once the business narrows down its choices, it is recommended to order samples so they can make informed decisions.

Create unique designs

Here are some ways entrepreneurs can get a head start on their business designs.

Find a good niche and the bestselling designs

If the company is stuck for designs and niche ideas, a good start is to look at what their competition is currently selling and what is popular nowadays. Listed below are the top graphic tee marketplace you can check out. Use them to look for best sellers and popular designs to help you get a good idea of your next design and niche.

Kick starter campaigns for shirts




People can also consider checking out websites like solutionhow, as well as look at trends in Google to get a sense of the topic the public is interested in today.

Hire designers

Once an idea is formed for the design, businesses are going to have to design them. If the company has designing programs like Adobe Photoshop, there is a good chance that they can produce excellent designs by themselves. But if they are like most individuals, they will need to hire some workers to do this for them. There are tons of different marketplaces and tools people can use to find suitable graphic designers to help you. All you need to do is to do your due diligence and research the Internet.

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