You Know You’re Not Cool When Shoe Covers Are

There comes a point in time when age catches up. No one is immune. And when it happens, you discover that you are no longer cool. Oh, you might attempt to maintain what little cool you have left by dressing four decades younger than you are, but no one is fooled. So how do you know you’ve reached that uncool age? You are no longer cool when you think waterproof shoe covers are.

Cool is as cool does, right? Well, none of the cool kids wear shoe covers from GC Tech. They don’t wear galoshes or shoe boots. Regardless of the weather, they wear a single pair of shoes coupled with a devil-may-care attitude. As for you, what the devil thinks doesn’t really matter. You spend too much money on shoes to take risks.

Footwear in Your Youth

Now that we’ve established one way to tell you’re no longer cool, let’s take a walk down memory lane. The footwear of your youth was a far cry from what you wear today. At your current age, a comfortable pair of loafers that don’t require you to bend over and tie something is a godsend.

Back in the day, sneakers were your thing. The only times you didn’t wear them were for Sunday services and family holiday events. You would have worn them to bed had your mother let you. At any rate, your sneakers were your best friend regardless of the weather. They were your only foot covering whether the sun was shining or rain and snow were falling on your head.

Wearing galoshes back then was akin to being a leper. You didn’t dare wear them out of fear that your friends would laugh at you. No matter that your feet were perpetually cold and wet all winter long or that your sneakers were stained by salt. All that mattered was that cool kids didn’t wear galoshes.

 Footwear in College

High school eventually turned into college. When you headed off to school, your sneakers went for the ride despite newly acquired wisdom that said cold, wet feet are not good. But were galoshes back on the table? Absolutely not. Your inclement weather foot gear was a pair of waterproof hiking boots.

You delegated your sneakers to service only on good weather days. The rest of the time, your hiking boots were the footwear of choice. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. After all, your favorite brands made stylish hiking boots that looked a little bit like sneakers anyway.

 Footwear in Middle Age

Time marched on. You grew up and had kids of your own. Suddenly and without warning, you finally understood the value of galoshes. You were mystified as to why your children refused to wear them. From your perspective, they were just being stubborn. They also didn’t seem to appreciate how much money you spent buying them new sneakers.

As for you, shoe covers still weren’t on the menu. They were for old people. No, you were content to wear dress shoes or casual derbys in the rain and light snow. If the snow got too heavy and deep, duck boots were there to save the day.

You now realize the foolishness of your previous footwear choices. You embrace waterproof shoe covers with open arms. With age, you finally understand the wisdom of protecting your shoes and keeping your feet dry with a pair of lightweight overshoes that slip on and off easily.

Shoe covers are now cool. That means you aren’t. That’s okay because age comes with a lot of advantages.

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