2020 Fashion Trends That Will Continue To Dominate

With the lockdown lifted and things returning back to normal, all of us reflect on the things that changed our lives for the better. While 2020 had been a disastrous year, considering the pandemic that changed our way of life and had hospitals flooded with patients, there had been some great learnings and trends that emerged. In the world of fashion too, people revamped their wardrobes and came up with new styles and trends. Below-mentioned are some of the trends that were all the rage in 2020 and will continue to dominate the fashion market:


Athleisure clothing is synonymous with comfort and casual. Inclusive of clothes meant both for everyday wear and exercise, athleisure satisfied the millennials locked inside their homes. 2020 had been the year when casual and comfortable clothes were mainstream. Factors that contributed to an increased demand for athleisure were an increased focus on wellness, health, home workouts, staying fit, and work from home. Influencers nailed this look and promoted it further via their Instagram handles. From sports bras to yoga pants and more, athleisure trends were adopted by one and all. Now that we are aware of how significant fitness is, the trend isn’t fading any sooner.

Old is gold

The previous decade has also been a decade of revival. It witnessed the re-emergence of many old trends in all domains- be it music, interiors, or fashion. From scrunchies to chokers, matrix glasses, slip dresses, and more, influencers went all over in terms of fashion and created a nostalgia, the pop culture is synonymous with. Old has always been gold and will continue to be so in 2021 as well.


Besides being a fashion garment, t-shirts are a necessity found in every wardrobe. During its initial stages, this garment featured minimal graphics and used to be of plain solid colors. Nowadays, it has everything- from quotes to prints and more. Graphic tees, slogan t-shirts, and streetwear trends are all in vogue. Given more preference during summers, this garment can be paired with denim for a put-together look. T-shirts are here to stay, no matter whether it’s 2021, 2022, or beyond.


First invented in 1919, jumpsuits have come a long way. It is one trend that has proved its worth and hasn’t faded away. This piece of clothing looks good on women of all shapes and sizes. Worn both as a blue-collar worker’s outfit and everyday casual clothing, this versatile dress is here to stay and is a great investment.

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