Best Slim Fit Dressing Combinations for Young Men

The most common thing people struggle with every day is finding the perfect dressing combinations according to their bodies. The problem is most commonly seen in young people with slim fit body types. The problem with such body types is that tight clothes look too much draped, and lose ones look too baggy, killing the overall style statement.

If you’re one of them struggling to find your ideal size, your best course of action is to focus on slim fit clothing that helps people with a leaner physique. For example, a slim fit mens tops with similar bottom ware will make you make a confident statement with your clothes. There are many such ideas to explore with your dressing style.

Here are the five best slim fit dressing combinations for young men clothing

  1. Slim Fit Shirt and Chinos

As a young man, you’ll need a uniform that you can easily transition from one event to another. A chino will help you do just that. If you’re going for something more formal, pair your uniform with a crisp shirt and if it’s more casual, just add in a scarf or coloured shirt to add flare. If you want something even funkier, add a pocket square or bow tie.  This uniform is perfect for shopping days at your favourite stores.

  1. Slim Fit Shirt With Dressy Leather Jacket

In this combination, dress up your slim fit shirt with a leather jacket that will complement any look. You can also opt to have an all-black look for young men clothing or look for buying a grey leather jacket to match the pencil skirt.

Both of these items are great if you’re looking for something more formal, but in terms of putting in effort in this outfit, you can opt to pair your staples with a few other pieces right down the street.

  1. Slim Fit Suit With Red Tie

You’ve seen plenty of videos on social media where guys wear slim fit suits with skinny ties. The thing with this uniform is that it’s very versatile. You can wear it almost anywhere, whether it’s business casual or formal work events.

  1. Dress slacks or jeans with a T-shirt

Combine your business attire with this outfit, and you’ll be ready for work – no matter the occasion. This outfit will surely highlight your body features. This is perfect for casual Friday’s at work or to take on the town with friends on weekends. Pair it with slim jeans, and you will look good and feel good in them.

  1. Dressy Leather Jacket over a Collared button-down Shirt

For winter, this is the ideal way to wear a leather jacket. It looks much dressier than when paired with jeans and is also much warmer. To add flair to this combination, you can add a scarf or pendant with it.

It is hard to find brands that sell clothes that fit you well. Unfortunately, some brands might not know what the average customer looks like in slim fit men’s tops. Therefore try and test every outfit before buying to ensure the right fit for you.

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