Causes of Hair Loss and The Key to Prevent it

ผม ร่วง เกิด จาก อะไร can be the effect of birthright, medical conditions, hormonal changes, or ageing. Be it men or women, and anybody can lose follicles. However, losing hair is more common among men. The losing of hair from the scalp of the head is termed baldness. Although genetic loss with age and time is extensively the common cause of baldness, applying too many chemicals, heating products, and sometimes water quality can also damage the hair and incur hair loss. Inadequacy of Vitamin D can also steer to hair loss, which is mostly seen among cancer patients. Psychologists also say that too much anxiety, depression, and meagre self-esteem can also lead to hair loss. In these scenarios, hair becomes fragile, dry, and can easily break. Also, excessive daily hair fall is reliable in giving birth to a hereditary predisposition. Hair Loss can further be categorized into two forms:-

  • Natural Hair Loss: In the case of women, the natural cause of hair loss is either weather/climate change or due to hormonal changes in the early teens.
  • Damage caused by brittle hair: No self-care of hair causes this. The main causes are colouring hair very often, using a hair straightener or heater regularly after hair wash. Brittles can also occur if there is direct divulgence to UV light.

Steps to Prevent hair loss

There are numerous ways to prevent การบำรุงผม ผมเสียจากการจัดแต่งทรง. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Regularly washing hair with mild shampoo: Committing so, the trouble of hair loss and dandruff and infections come down to a lot extent. Besides, wetting hair gives a feeling of more volume of hair.
  • Applying vitamins: Vitamins are not only healthful for all-around well being but moreover favourable for hair. Vitamin A motivates the active production of sebum in the r. Vitaminamin E improves blood flow in the scalp to boost hair follicles, persists to be produced. And at last, Vitamin B he to maintain healthy colour.
  • Enriching diet with protein: Eating fish, meat, soya chunks, eggs and other forms of proteins stimulates hair health and helps deter hair loss.
  • Scalp massage with essential oils: Applying essential oils such as castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut, almond oil and mustard oil in the scalp helps hair follicles to remain active. Adding lavender in almond oil also helps a lot.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair: When hair is moist, it is perhaps in its weak state. So it’s better to avoid brushing/combing hair at that time. Let the hair dry by sitting under a fan, then comb the hair.
  • Staying hydrated: Drink almost 3 litres of water every day. It doesn’t only help in the betterment of the skin but also our hair.
  • Reduce alcoholic beverages and avoid smoking: Drinking alcohol reduces hair growth, and when it comes to smoking, it reduces the amount of blood circulation to the follicles.

So, terminating them as soon as possible will assist a lot in the increase of hair development.

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