Fake diamonds – get a diamond ring at cost-effective prices

Fake diamonds are stones that are of distinct chemical composition. These fake diamonds are also referred to as simulated diamonds, diamond imitations, diamond stimulants, faux diamonds, etc. These are now widely used in making jewelry and there is a wide variety available in them. There are many different types of diamonds that are most popular and you can check some common types of fake diamonds below.

  • Zirconia – It is the most popular type of imitation diamond as it is made in a laboratory. It is synthetically produced from zirconium dioxide. These diamonds are a brilliant choice for jewelry as they are more colorful than other diamonds. In comparison to the other diamonds, this diamond is much cheaper.
  • Zircon – It is basically a natural mineral and it contains different types of colors. There is a difference between cubic zirconia and zircon as there are some people who get confused between them. Sometimes the zircon colorless pieces are not only polished and cut but are also utilized as diamond imitations. In comparison to the CZ, zircon is much softer.
  • Moissanite – It is also known as silicon carbide. When it comes to nature, this mineral is very rare. It matches with the diamond as when the light is passed through it, there will be a display of the colorful sparkle. Because of this sparkle, this mineral is termed as the best substitute for diamond.

Advantages of fake diamonds

  • High quality – In the case of diamonds quality matters the most. Like if you want to buy a ring, you look for the color, cut, and carat. Fake diamonds are pure as they are structured in controlled environments and they are also of high quality.
  • Environmentally sustainable – This is a big advantage of fake diamonds as they are environmentally sustainable. When it comes to the formation of diamonds, the lab takes less energy rather than extracting it from the earth. For forming the fake diamonds it is not necessary to displace earth matter by several tons.
  • Cost effective– Price plays an important role in buying diamonds. For making the best diamonds, manufacturers make use of the latest technologies. There is around 30% saving if you buy fake diamonds rather than the mined diamonds. When you shop for colored diamonds, this percentage can slightly grow up. Natural colored diamonds are very expensive as they are hard to find.

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