Finally, a Modern Octopus T Shirt that’s Stylish for Men and Women

When it comes to t shirts that feature at octopus, or other marine species, you tend to have three primary style types: (1) a simple mass-produced image that looks cartoonish or like it just crawled off a Hallmark card, (2) a busy, loud shirt with a masculine edge showing the species next to a sunken anchor, skulls, and other hype, or (3) a monder, clean design created by an artist that is truly unique. If you are looking for the third option, then selection will be limited and in many cases these apparel brands can be hard to find…until now. Thankfully, Shark Zen offers a high-quality modern octopus t shirt for men and women, designed by an artist based in Florida, that captures the beauty and wonder of the octopus in an attractive tribal pattern. Continue reading to learn why the octopus t shirt from Shark Zen i s a “must have” shirt for ocean lovers, and those who have fallen in love with the mystique behind the octopus.

Buy a Short Sleeve Octopus T Shirt for an Upscale Casual Look

T shirts are no longer looked upon as being apparel for lazy weekends or garments we wear to sleep in. Today, t shirts fit in with high couture, and whether the t shirt was made by Gucci, or a high quality brand that exists outside the realm of high fashion, it is a statement piece that can be worn alone, or with a designer jacket to accentuate the entire look you are trying to create. According to a study conducted by the Fashion Institute of New York, more than 85 percent of people first notice one’s t shirt when looking at a person’s overall attire. That said, design matters. So if your goal is to buy an octopus t shirt that is sophisticated but also fun, then you would be best suited to buy a shirt from an apparel line that features an artist.

Octopus T Shirt Color

Color matters. When you buy your octopus t shirt there should be a recommended color choice (or stock color), along with the ability to customize the shirt to fit your needs. Dark blue is an ideal color choice for an octopus t shirt, as navy can be worn with a wide variety of other colors, and it hints at the nocturnal oceanic activities that an octopus indulges in. We found a navy blue octopus t shirt offered by Shark Zen featuring a popular shade of blue that compliments multiple skin tones, and customers also have the option to choose other colors.

Octopus T Shirt Design

Right now, minimalist art is popular when it comes to apparel. Look for an octopus shirt that is minimalist, and one that also blends minimalism with another popular style. For example, tribal designs are very popular. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they add an organic layer to the shirt that gives it an extra special touch. A tribal octopus design is the best look for a t shirt based on today;s fashion and culture trends.

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