Things to Think About When Purchasing a Waterproof Blanket

Before shelling out cash for a waterproof blanket, there are a few things to consider. Doing so will help you get the most out of your money and reduce the amount of time you spend browsing the different blankets on the market.


What you want to do with the blanket is the single most critical consideration. Do you plan on spending a lot of time outside (maybe camping or hiking) and need a weatherproof picnic blanket?

You can use some waterproof blankets as makeshift cloaks. They are designed to be used as seating for events like picnics; thus, they feature plush surfaces on both sides. The bottom of the blankets will be coated with waterproof material. In order to be both waterproof and warm, camping blankets are typically manufactured from heavier fabrics like fleece or down, which adds weight.

Think about how you’ll use the blanket, as this may affect your waterproof materials and design choice.


Relatedly, think about how thick the blanket has to be. A picnic blanket’s fabric must be dense and typically have a few extra layers if you want to use it on more uneven or challenging terrain. The same holds for any watertight blanket, but especially for camping blankets.


Determine the required size of the blanket before beginning. A blanket large enough for a picnic with the whole family and the kids would be too little on which to lie down and read a book. This is relevant in any setting where sizes might vary. The weight, volume, and ease of folding of a blanket are all affected by its size, just as they are by its thickness.

Style and hue

Each individual has their own opinion on what a watertight blanket should look like. Thanks to the wide variety of options on the market, you can select a blanket in a color and design scheme that complements your decor.


An excellent waterproof blanket is essential, so make sure you choose a good one. More costly blankets tend to last longer and perform better than their less expensive counterparts. However, the reason I put this consideration last is that your prior choices will usually determine the quality of the blanket.

More than a dog blanket, a camping blanket is built to withstand the elements. Once you’ve settled on the other criteria, then you’ll have to decide on the level of construction. The decision will be very apparent in many situations.


The amount of money you are prepared to spend on a waterproof blanket may also play a role in your final decision. If you want to use the blanket frequently or for strenuous activities, splurge on a higher-quality option. However, a cheaper alternative is OK if you plan to use the blanket once or a few times.

Bottom Line

Before heading out to buy camping gear, consider these facts so you can make an informed decision about the type and price of blanket you need.

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