Tips On How To Select The Right Rainwear

Rainwear must be waterproof to protect you and your outfit from getting ruined while you walk in the rain. However, shopping for rainwear is not quite an easy task, mainly when you decide to shop during the rainy season, since everyone tries to purchase them as fast as possible. As you shop for the perfect rainwear, you need something comfortable, warm and something that will keep you dry throughout your day’s activities. Despite all the hardship you go through when trying to find the perfect rainwear, there is always hope that you will find something amazing for yourself. There are many types of rainwear for men, women and kids, but today we will focus on the tips for choosing the right womens rainwear.

Tips on how to select the right rainwear

  • Consider your wants

One thing you need to remember is that a  windbreaker is not rainwear, and it won’t give you the warmth and dryness you need. When choosing rainwear, you must ensure that the water drips from the outer part and doesn’t get wet inside. The rainwear you choose needs to have wet-resistance fabric like polyester or nylon. Before you buy your rainwear, ask yourself what activities you will be doing so that you can know the amount of protection you need from your jacket. When buying your jacket, you should inform the seller of what you want, tell them if you want a long rainwear jacket or a short one so they can know what to give you.

  • Rainwear that offers you adequate protection with a durable water repellent

Most womens rainwear for rainy days  and mid-season jackets have been filled with water repellant treatment. Even if they have these protection appliances, you need to know how you will take care of your rainwear because the treatment doesn’t last long. But the good thing is that you can reapply the treatment onto your jacket when you feel like it’s losing its protection abilities.

  • The material found in the rainwear

Before you buy any rainwear, you need to know the difference between water-resistant jackets and waterproof jackets because they are not the same. When it comes to waterproof jackets, they block out water and resist heavy rain, and with this, you won’t have any water penetrating your jacket and will be dry the whole day. As for water-resistant jackets, they keep you dry from the rain for a short period, but it doesn’t protect you from heavy rainfall.

  • Look out for important features

The type of rainwear you buy must have certain features that give you full protection. Look out for things like an adjustable hood, waterproof seams and zipper closures and adjustable drawings.


During the rainy season, people avoid putting on their fancy attires because they fear getting wet when they reach their destination. However, this should not be the case because you can buy rainwear to protect you through your activities and in this article, you have a clue on what to look out for when buying your rainwear.

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