One Hoodie Styled in 5 Ways that Can Up Your Styling Game

Once upon a time, hoodies gave out the wrong perception about a person as they would mark you as a would-be-robber or someone who has criminal intentions. But, that notion has completely flipped. Hoodies today are a fashion statement.

Before hoodies made regular appearances in the darkened alleys, they were a product of the apparel company called Champion Products. They created the world’s first hoodie in the 30s. So, what was the purpose of a sweatshirt? It kept athletes warm and dry. It was only after that the hoodies were adopted by hip-hop culture, university students, and more.  From donning them to work and even parties, they are amazing, aren’t they? However, you don’t have to always wear your hoodie in the same old boring manner. Here are five ways you can style one hoodie to up your fashion game.

How To Style Your Hoodie

Layered look

One of the best ways to style your hoodie is to make it a part of your layered look. For this, choose full sleeve t-shirts, then add an overcoat with slim jeans. In fact, you can add a bit of colour to the T-shirts, and the pop of colour can enhance the entire look. A cosy cashmere hoodie can add an essence of luxury. However, for this look, you will need a zip-up hoodie. This look is perfect for your office or university and can make you look sharp.

Athleisure look

The Athleisure look gives sweatshirts for men a complete makeover. It is no longer apparel used to merely keep you warm. Here, choose thicker fabrics, and you can again make use of t-shirts for men underneath the hoodie. For this look, choose simple muted colours, such as greys, pinks, whites, and more. You can pair it with comfy pyjamas or track pants to complete the look. When it comes to the athleisure look, you can mix and match as you wish. For instance, instead of your regular hoodie, you can swap it with a bomber jacket. It can elevate your looking, making you seem posh. Now, that’s a vibe you wouldn’t mind, would you?


As mentioned earlier, the humble hoodie once found itself in less than suitable places. But, it has evolved over the years and created a fan base for itself (yes, people love hoodies). When it comes to making hoodies a part of your regular wear and to give it a streetwear vibe, you need to unleash your creativity here. Bold colours and loud prints are all allowed here, like Sporto’s Marvel Hoodie Sweatshirt. They are some of the best hoodies for men. And, if you have a girlfriend, well then, it’s probably going to end up with her.


Hoodies were invented once to keep athletes warm, and they do so even today. Like Rocky Balboa, but think of thinner fabrics that will go well with your regular exercise gear. The point is, if you look good while playing a sport or exercising, then chances are you will end up feeling good about yourself too. And, that’s a great confidence booster. The thin hoodies can be paired with full sleeve t-shirts to make the entire look feel more put together. For instance, if you are choosing a white t-shirt, make sure you pair it with a grey or black hoodie and a pair of black joggers. It adds an aura of luxury and can make you look super stylish.


When it comes to donning a hoodie to the office, there are a lot of ways in which you can successfully accomplish it. The rule here is to treat your hoodie like your regular sweater. And, go for a zipped hoodie or a bomber jacket. Pair it with the right chinos and boots for a semi-formal kind of get up.


While you are at it, you can also opt for hoodies to parties. For this, you will need your regular hoodie, which you can wear with a suit. Yes, it is something very different, but the look goes well. However, choose contrast colours. For instance, a maroon suit with a dark grey hoodie makes a great pair.

Sporto’s new winter collection has some of the best hoodies that are versatile enough to adapt to your fashion game. Be it a sporty look or a fun, trendy look, Sporto has something for everyone.

So, these were 5 simple ways in which you can style one hoodie. Go on, give it a try!

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