Perfect Jewellery to Express your Love

A new year rings in a new season of love every year in February, celebrated as the Valentine’s Day. Everywhere, the buzz is about the valentine day gifts. Besides other common valentine gift ideas, gifting a jewellery or rather a diamond jewellery proves to be one of the best valentine gifts for a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. A jewellery gift is always a memorable token of love and what better to gift it on valentines.

It could be a first valentine gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend or a romantic gift for a husband and wife. A diamond jewellery is timeless and makes a special valentine gift. Whatever may be the reason, expressing love is a beautiful emotion and what better way to express love with gifting a diamond jewellery – rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, earrings or a marvellous necklace.

There is no one perfect jewellery to express your love, but there sure is one perfect gemstone that is the epitome of love – diamonds! Check out some of the perfect diamond jewellery type to express your love this Valentines!

First time love proposal

Expressing your love for the very first time can be a memorable occasion. Such memorable occasions need an unforgettable gift. What can be more unforgettable than a diamond jewellery!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time and for the right way to express your love for the first time to your loved one, wait no more. A small delicate stud or a pretty drop earring can be the perfect choice of jewellery. Another perfect choice can be a beautifully engraved pendant that can proudly adorn the neck of your loved one, reminding of the love you share.

Asking her to marry you

Asking your partner to marry you can be a very intimate occasion, one that requires a special someone to make an appearance while you profess your love and ask a lifetime to spend together.

If you are planning soon to propose, then going on one knee is not the only way to do it. The cherry on the top would be bending down to your mate with a solitaire ring and express your feelings.

First is always precious!

Firsts are said to be extra special. Be it your first pay check, your first love, your first anniversary, the birth of your first child etc.

If it’s your first valentine post wedding, wouldn’t you want it to be really special with a romantic gift? Adorning your loved ones wrists with a delicate but beautiful bracelet could be the perfect way to express your love.

You could also gift her a unique diamond mangalsutra to commemorate your first valentines. She would love it and this piece of jewellery will have a story of its own.

Celebrating togetherness

As precious as first celebrations are, every year that you spend together could be even more precious. Just like wine gets better with age, diamonds never lose their charm and stay priceless even years after. Celebrating togetherness with a diamond jewellery will be etched in the story of your lives. Gifting her a diamond bangle or a pendant and earring set can be the perfect way to express your love that hasn’t changed all these years.

Show your man some love too!

Why should girls have all the fun, right? Even men love their jewellery and diamonds! Be it a simple one stone ring or a charming bracelet, you can custom make these jewelleries at Tanishq as per your partners choice and preferences. Let the men feel special too!

A jewellery is said to have immense emotional value when gifted by a loved one. Every jewellery has a story to be told. What would your story be?

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