What Others Might Not Tell You about Fornasetti Candles

Candles have been in use for many years and charmed people’s senses. They make great gifts and are great decoration additions to any home. Everyone loves the pleasant smell and enchanting glow of candles.

Picking standout types of candles can be overwhelming. Whether you’re into luxury candles that create different moods thanks to their unique scent or typical designs, take your time, right? Fornasetti candles are a worthwhile and practical investment.

You’ll have an accessory better for your house, an indispensable element for intimate gatherings or romantic dinners, and to create a pleasing sensory experience. This post will provide a compelling guide to choosing popular candles that add art, light, and fragrance to your home. Continue reading.

An Overview of Fornasetti Candles- Your Buying Guide

Are you in the market looking for uniquely created luxury candles? Get Fornasetti candles for their deep-rooted history and popularity. They stand in terms of scent, design, and light.

Piero Fornasetti is famous for creating artistically pleasing porcelain vases, plates, and furniture. As a popular painter, designer, and sculptor, Fornasetti used his skills to make amazing objects with artistic styles inspired by the Novecento movement. All his work features the face of Lina Cavalier, a widely celebrated opera singer, including a vast collection of Fornasetti candles.

These are some of the few aspects that should spur you to buy the Fornasetti candles. Well, if you’re enthusiastic about extravagance, here are other features that make these candles stand out:

The Wax 

The Fornasetti candles are crafted using different types of wax and encased in porcelain or handmade containers. Top picks in the market feature vegan and soy waxes. These waxes are more expensive to produce but have been used for centuries to make quality products.

Essential oils are heavily packed into these waxes, which vaporize from the flame heat. While burning, the soy or vegan-scented wax releases a fragrance that makes them unique. They are also eco-friendly and will not cause irritation or allergies when burnt.


Fragrance may be a matter of personal taste and liking, but you’ll fall in love with Fornasetti candles at first glance. They are made from essential oils, which give them complexity and depth to scents. Regardless of the Fornasetti candle range you pick, you’ll revel in a variety of refined yet dominant scents.

Signature fragrances from the Fornasetti brand include:

  • Flora– It’s a fresh flora scent with Jasmine, Iris, and Tuberose bursts.
  • Otto– Features a smoky scent that enchants when glowing with sophisticated and warm tones.
  • Fiordi Bacio– A voluptuous mixture of floral, woody, and green notes from different flowers inspires this scent.
  • Mistero– It’s a great choice if you fancy aromatic spices and woody fragrances. You’ll like its subtle cedar, pepper, cypress, and sandalwood hints.

Wick Type 

Fornasetti candles feature a wide variety of wicks that affect how they evenly and cleanly burn. Cotton wicks are a top pick if you want to avoid smoke, flaring, and soot. The wicks burn slowly, inviting light, and cram your rooms with warmth. Easily extinguish the flame by dipping the wick into the vapor wax to protect the fragrance.

Size and Shape 

Fornasetti candles come in different sizes, styles, and shapes. The main types of candles come in standard sizes, small or large. They are lightweight and easy-to-hold designs that will invitingly light your rooms. You’ll find these candles in ceramic vessels or vases depicting the skillful work of Piero Fornasetti.


The Fornasetti candles are a valuable addition to any home and from a reputable brand. They come in varying prices, depending on their size, design, scent, light, wick type, and wax used.

To Sum Up 

Don’t hesitate to pick and place an order for Fornasetti candles. These are quality candles that are thoughtfully, uniquely, and artfully designed. High-quality ingredients make these candles, and they deliver pleasant and relaxing scents and add a delicate presence to your home. You’ll get massive candles well-packed and better for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen settings. Don’t mull over the design of Fornasetti candles to choose from the competitive market. There is a wide collection for you with invigorating fragrances.

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