Romantic Gifting Ideas to Impress Your Bae This Valentines

Sub-title: Push. Don’t Pull. (With her feelings of course!)

Has the title left you with a feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach but the sub-title makes you all dazed and confused? Well, accept our apologies and allow us to explain.

Revisit the sub-title again and ponder over it. Isn’t it how womenfolk communicate? In secretive, startling and half-backed language which is too difficult to decode. Don’t blame them because that’s how they are.

All woman, no matter what age, like to be chased and obviously appreciate the hard-work that men have to put up in decoding their complicated ways. Hence, it is so important to read in between lines of her WhatsApp messages, observing her incoherent demands when she is on her periods, and noticing her little guilty pleasures that she otherwise hides from the world.

And guess what! Valentines Day is just around the corner and you have no other option but to annihilate the passion once again that you two share.

Women are great lovers of grand gestures and over-romanticised feelings expressed in the most morbid ways (we know its OTT but that’s what your bae secretly desires.); so why not come up with a safe and dependable idea that might actually work in your favour.

How about a quirky-classy wristwatch that she could tastefully adorn on her wrist?

Yes! Even if you think it is too good to be true for a cliché, we assure you nothing can surprise her more than this. And with an exciting offer like a free headset available with the collection running from 20th Jan to 20th Feb, this is worth not missing out on.

Here we present some exquisite styles of Timex Helix collection that your bae is bound to drool over.

  1. Defy Rules—Channel Her Inner Shero

Allow us to bust a myth or two here—a delicate gift isn’t always going to make her feel special. Yes! There will be times when she wants to get spoilt and pampered but a cute and feminine gift won’t suffice every single time. Gen Z girls like to keep things straight, simple, quirky and classy. Hence, when you search for watches online , give this sea-green masterpiece a thought.  Just look at it, while the overall pastel shade of sea-green oozes a soothing vibe, the dial looks absolutely uber-cool with a trademark ‘Helix’ and the ‘Fever’ syllables. Absolutely a perfect piece to team-up with tattered jeans or midi dress when she is street-shopping with you or her girlfriends!

  1. Being Classy Works Every Damn Time

We absolutely believe in defying rules but we also understand what importance the classic pieces hold. If you are too confused while searching for wrist watches online and just can’t come to a conclusion, we simply suggest you to settle down on this piece from Timex Helix collection. This wristwatch is sure to give her company wherever she goes – new social settings, get-togethers, board room meetings or reunions.

  1. The Art of Color-blocking Has Never Been ‘On-point’

Womenfolk have an undeniable fascination for color-blocking styles and here the Helix collection from Timex is completely leaving one, spoilt for choice. So many colors in precise monochrome shades which are absolutely eye-catching.

In all honesty, men must know it for a fact that the kind of watch a woman is donning talks ounces about her. Hence, even while gifting one, they have to be extra careful. These color-block wristwatches can be a perfect reflection of her taste, her style and everything that makes her who she is. Be it an office meeting or a formal brunch with family, color-blocking in monochromes has never been so accurate.

That being said, impress your bae with an impressive collection that’s meant to last forever- just like your love.

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