Top historical costume ideas

Have you got an event coming up that has a historical costume dress code? This is a fun theme and offers so many dress-up opportunities. If you are stuck on ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will share our top historical costume ideas to transport you back throughout the ages.

One – Caveman/woman

Caveman/woman are essentially our distant ancestors from the stone age! The costume ideas here are almost endless. Shoes are unnecessary and torn, and dilapidated-looking clothes are a must. Touches of leather and leopard really set the tone for this costume theme.

You can go with something generic such as the Flintstones, or if you’re after something more authentic looking, you can’t go past a tunic, a caveman bat and some ‘bone’ jewellery.

Two – Roman emperor or empress

Rule the party in style as a roman emperor or empress – once one of the most famous empires in the world. This costume idea usually features draping fabric, bold touches of colour and gold accents.

A gold or silver wreath headband can add the final touches to your costume, along with a waistband.

Three – King or Queen

There have been many kings and queens throughout history which opens the door to ample choices when it comes to dressing up as one. You can choose to dress up as someone from the past, or you can purchase premade king and queen costumes from a costume shop. Most kings and queens have a crown and dress in elaborate and sophisticated outfits.

Four – Medieval

Dressing up in a medieval theme has grown exponentially over recent years, and you can find tonnes of awesome ideas for ready-made costumes both online and in-store. The great thing about this theme is that the characters you can dress up as extend from lords and Viking warriors to maids and barbarians and everything in between. It’s a super fun theme that has almost no limits allowing you to find the perfect medieval outfit for your event.

Five – 17th century

The 17th century is the timeline of early modern history, and this era saw fashion that boasted widening of outfits with multiple layers of fabric, lace, and silks. This theme is a great way to create impact with your outfit, and there are no rules on how elaborate you can go. Ruffles, petticoats and corsets were standard for women and lace neck frills, and knee-length embroidered coats were staples for men.

Six – Egyptian

An Egyptian theme means there are many costume choices available to you. For the ladies, the most obvious choice is Cleopatra, although there are several other options, such as an Egyptian queen and an Egyptian goddess. For the men, pharaohs and King Tut are popular ideas. Egyptian costumes are usually draped in gold, and dark-lined eyes are common.

Seven – Colonial

Choosing to dress up in colonial-themed attire provides you with a vast selection of options to choose from. Captain Cook and colonial lady costumes are both good options if you are after Australian-based colonial ideas. You’ll find there are plenty of suitable premade options available both online and in-store.

Ready to find your perfect historical costume?

We hope this post has given you the inspiration you need to find the perfect historical costume. We’ve shared only a tiny number of potential options, you are only limited by your imagination! For all your costume needs, find your local Gold Coast Costumes!

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