Things to Remember Before Cutting Your Own Hair

Almost everyone has thought of cutting their hair once in their life. It’s not a particularly life-changing thing, as hair always grows back, but many people are both enamored and frightened by the idea. If the result isn’t as good as expected, it can lead to a long stretch of bad hair days. If it comes out good, then it comes out great. But if you’ve finally decided to cut your own hair, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Use The Right Tools. You need a good pair of hair scissors for the job, and the ones you use must be sharp. Using dull scissors can result in a horrible cut, as the hair can get trapped in between the blades, forcing you to try to cut more than once. This then damages the hair or makes it so that your cat isn’t straight or intentional. Don’t skimp out on this one because if you do, you might regret it.

It’s Better To Cut Wet. While professional hairstylists can cut dry hair, amateurs or those using some elbow grease will find it safer when it’s wet. You don’t want it dripping wet, either. You want it damp enough to make it easier to manage. That’s why it’s best to cut your hair after showering, but make sure to pat your hair so that it’s not soaking wet.

Hair Stretches When Wet. We’ve already established that you need to cut your hair when it’s wet, but it’s also important to remember that hair looks longer when it’s wet. This means that if you’re going for a shorter cut, don’t cut too close because once it’s dry, it will be way too short for comfort.

Comb Your Hair Out First. Of course, you’d want to comb through your hair first before anything else. If you don’t comb it, you might end up cutting crooked cuts, making your hair look uneven and asymmetrical. Prepare your hair by washing and conditioning it so it won’t be unruly while you cut it.

Practice Sectioning and Cut In Sections. It goes without saying that when you cut your hair, you have to be deliberate with each cut. You wouldn’t want to recklessly cut however you want. Otherwise, you’d end up with unflattering zig zags. Instead of going at it in one large swoop, section your hair into smaller parts. There are varying approaches to this, and different techniques will yield different results. It’s better to do some research and practice your sectioning game before finally cutting your hair.

Be Consistent. You should also make sure that the length of your cuts is consistent. Cut off just a bit at a time because remember, once you’ve cut, you can’t take it back. Especially if this is your first time cutting your hair (or even if you’ve done it in the past), you might not be as confident with each cut. That’s why it’s better to take your time and be careful so you won’t end up badly regretting your own cut.

Don’t Cut Too Long! We’ve mentioned how you need to avoid cutting your hair too short when it’s wet. You could also easily cut off much more than you intend to, so be sure before you snip. It’s better to cut slowly, making shortcuts and checking every time. This way, the chances of mistakes drastically go down, and it’s always better to measure twice and cut once than vice versa.

Get Help If You Can. It can get pretty frustrating to style your hair if you’re not used to it. Reaching behind you, holding the scissors at odd angles, looking at yourself in the mirror, and struggling to cut sections, can be tiring. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of your friend or family in this case. Not only will it make things easier for you, but your haircut can potentially be better and cleaner this way too. In addition, it is also a fun way to spend time together.

It’s Okay! 

Here’s what you need to remember: your hair will grow back. If you make a mistake, laugh it off! You can turn it into a fun story of how you tried cutting your hair. You can always have a professional hairdresser fix it, but at the end of the day, you gave it your shot and learned your lesson. You might have discovered a latent talent for hairdressing, or you might not. Either way, your hair will grow back eventually.

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